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Is it possible for you quit the job and make money at home? It’s depending on your choice and ability, someone can earn incredible, however, most people who earn nothing even they are striving for.

Rather than choose the high revenue way, the suitable one for you would be more important. I remember, the first time I tried to making money online, I failed because I don’t really understand how the market runs, I just want to make money.

Then I try lots of ways to earn, finally, I become a blogger, still nothing yet. But I feel good when I build my website and write something to share with the reader.

In order to help you know how to earn money online, I have done serious research, and write down the helpful information. Which you can easily read and get some worth of information here.

I have classification these online earning ways to be three:

Could be financial freedom

1. Advertising

The most famous way of making money, you can through set up the ads on your website reach earning. Of course, before you earn, you need traffics, more traffics you gain, the more money you earn.

Bloggers and some companies normally do advertisements on Google Adsense,, AdChoice, and so on. You can through these advertising companies making more than $10+ per day, it’s not difficult, if you know the way catch the visitors, up to $100,000+ per month could be possible for you make moeny blogging.

The average website earning by advertising around $2,000+ per month. For sure, there are many people who failed too, they making $0 because they cannot get traffics at all.

The advertisement also is the easiest earning method from a noob, you just need to set up once on your website, the money is coming. By the way, you are required to know how to build a website first.

Google Adsense homepage

2. Affiliate Marketing

Some companies in order to promote their business, and created better revenues, are willing to collaborate with someone who can help their business.

If you see the “affiliate program” link at the page footer of any website, that means you can join their plan and earn together. The only thing you should do is considering how to attract people to take action on your affiliate link, the platform such as YouTube, social media, or website (read our website build tutorial) can help you do that.

When you succeed to convince someone to take action such as buy stuff, become a member, deposit money, and so on, you gain a fixed or percentage revenue by the company.

This method is more depending on your ability, thinking, and strategy. If you are an apprentice, sorry, you may get nothing even to lose little money. However, if you are a masterpiece, $5,000+ per day not a problem for you.

Most of the e-commerce companies had put affiliate marketing into practice such as AmazonEtsy, and so on. If you are lazy to find affiliates program, the agency companies such as CJ Affiliate and ShareASale could help you.

By the way, the high-quality affiliate program you should find by yourself, the agency just for reference, and lazy people.

Amazon affiliate program

3. Sponsored Posts

The sponsored post usually refers to give an influencer sponsored. The influencer will post something related to the sponsor on social media or their websites, such as posts, videos, and articles in order to achieve effective promotion. It could be possible to do a sponsorship for everything.

Influencer absolutely is the gold from any company. Actually, everyone can be an influencer, because the threshold level is very low.

If you already have huge followers on social media such as InstagramTwitter, or TikTok. You can lie down and rest, the money will come soon.

According to how many people following you, you can earn around $500 to $100,000+ per month, and the wealth is that you own the whole free time of yourself.

The another sponsored post refers to write a guest post at the sponsor website. These sponsors usually are the big or magazine website.

Most of the reason they invite you to do a sponsored post because you had written some articles on your blog or another place, they saw it and feeling good of what you are writing for.

Writing an article for a sponsored post usually worth around $1000+ per post, if you are popular, you probably can negotiate for more.

4. Bug Bounty Programs

Have you ever thought that help companies find the bug of their website or software, it can be earned money. If you want to be a coder or hacker, you should try that, maybe you can get an incredible income for it.

By the way, when you find a bug, you should search on the search engine, the company whether to pay a reward to you if you find the bug.

Some companies wouldn’t give you a reward if you report the bug to them directly. Companies collaborate with an agency such as HackerOne, reported the bug on HackerOne you can ensure that you get the bounty.

According to the bug you find, the bounty could be $100 up to $100,000+ each bug. If you like learning computer languages, the bug bounty program is your heaven.

Hackerone bug bounty program earning lots of money

5. Sell Products

E-commerce is the most people used to do business on the internet, you can open your store at AmazonEtsyShopify, and so on. We all know that sell products always the best earning way in the world.

Almost everyone can open an online store nowadays, but know how to sell your product is the main point, if you are master, six-figure to seven-figure earning is possible for you.

Small tips, you should analysis what’s your target marketing, what’s strategy can catch customers, and know-how to manage your business before you start selling products online.

Trading in the internet

6. Crowdfunding

crowdfunding also have several categories, one of them is mainly helping entrepreneurs and creative products seeking out their customers, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

The crowdfunding platforms have their loyal customers always look forward to the new idea product released on the platform. Once your product approved, customers will order your product through the platforms.

Before you get the funding, you need to wait for the funding to reach the goal amount, if not reach the goal amount, the crowdfunding failed.

Of course, after the funding, you need to send the product, your customers may come from the global, that means how creative of your product, how much money you earn.

Sell creative product through Kickstarter crowdfunding

7. Create Your Apps or Mobile Games

Since everyone saw the requirement of phone applications, coding apps or games are the hot way of earning money online.

Recently, created an application isn’t that easy to make money, because too many people entering the industry. Therefore, users have higher and higher requirements for applications.

In order to attract people to download, your application should have eyes catching art design, creative function, and awesome sound effects.

You may use several months to year making app or game if that’s really good and your user loves it, your profit will worth the time you spent.

By the way, there are many people who make no money at all, because too many apps released every day, if you want to compete with others, you need to know how to promote your apps. You can be millionaire if you do the right things.

Coding to create your application or game

8. Online Courses

Your knowledge and experience can be apart of your wealth, you can write articles, ebook, record video then selling online through an e-commerce platform.

People willing to buy your course if you are famous such as you have many followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Quora. Therefore, to be successful in selling an online course, you should have certain visibility.

9. YouTube Videos

When you get rest, want to watch a video, Youtube absolutely your preferred. Lots and lots of people choose to create a video on Youtube because they can get good revenues, if the video gets popular.

On the other hand, the threshold level of becoming a Youtuber is very low, almost everyone can be Youtuber. The money coming easier than another way, when people view ads inside your video, you get money for each per view.

Youtube video

10. Live Streaming

If you are love playing games, live streaming absolutely adapted from you. Almost all famous streamers are livestream such as League of Legends, Fortnite, or various games.

Of course, you can livestream not only game, but it could also be whatever you like under legitimate.

You can livestream through the platform such as TwitchYoutube LiveFacebook Live, and so on. Streamers have lots of ways that can make money, and it depends on how much fans you have.

The best live streaming website

11. Sell Your Photos

Most people are searching for images on the internet, therefore, the photo you took maybe selling a good price.

You can sell it through the stock photography platform such as AlamyShutterstockAdobe StockCreative Market, and so on.

If you are famous, or lots of followers on Instagram, you can choose to sell your photo by building a website through WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and so on.

Sell your photo

12. Sell Your Music

You can upload your music through Youtube and TikTok, let more people know you, share your music with each other, consequently, making people willing to search you and buy your music on SpotifyApple Music, and so on.

Sell your music

13. Sell Your Designs

The artist always confused about how to make money, they don’t know how to sell their artwork at all. The online platforms give artists a channel to sell their effort.

Any artwork could be sell. Most of the platforms such as EtsyFreepikThemeForestCreative Market, and so on, you can become a contributor upload your art-work such as font, template, and illustration to earn money. You also can build your independent website to sell.

Sell your design, theme, template

14. Record A Podcast

The podcast suddenly becomes trendy recently, lots of people love to download the audio in their phone for easy listening. If you have a good voice, don’t waste it, and you should start your podcast life.

By the way, podcasting has a higher CPM than YouTube, almost 2 times more. Popular podcasts can earn over $50,000 per episode, therefore making $100,000+ of money per month could be possible from you.

The platforms about the podcast such as SpotifyStitcher, Apple Podcast, and more. They have loyalty audiences each of them, you should upload your works to each of the platforms in order to maximize the profit.

Podcasting to earn money online

15. Sell Your Website

Traffic is everything. More visitors browsing your site, the website will be more valuable, as the data looking great, the website growth matured, your website customer may coming.

When some companies see your website potential, they will contact you and negotiate with you to buy it. According to your website quality, selling a million dollars not impossible.

16. Ebook

If you are writing a digital book, and feeling your book would be the next Harry Potter, sorry to tell you that it’s hard like impossible.

You should know that selling an ebook is the hard way of making money online because there is a highly competitive selling ebook on each e-commerce platform such as Amazon.

Since the willing buyers aren’t that much, and there are too many choices, less than 3% of authors consistently making $10,000 a year or better, according to Amazon Author Earnings 2016.

Of course, selling ebooks also can be a millionaire. You should know how to promote your book and convince people to buy it. Build your website do self-publishing would be able to make more money if you do the right thing.

Writing a sentence

17. Get New Clients For Your Business

There are lots of potential customers hiding on the internet. If you want to expand your business, and concerned about how to find new customers, internet could help you.

Find Clients on the internet is easy, you can post an advertisement targeting local people to let them know your business, build a website, and open social media account such as Linkedin to make your brand.

By the way, you are whether earning money, depends on the business you do, the quality of your services, and the effort of you.

Successful business collaboration

18. Investment

You can through many platforms to do online investments such as stock, bonds, options, and more. The investment ways are changing because of the internet, you could see some interesting investment method you never think about.

The most trending investment would be virtual currency trading such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. These virtual currencies help people earn tons of money you can’t imagine. The early investor already wealth freedom as well.

There are also introduce two creative online investment:

(1) Peer-to-peer Lending

You can through the online services lending your money to individual or business, the platform will help you match the borrower.

For sure, borrowers defaulting on the loans could be possible, this is your risk. But many investors report annual investment returns of greater than 10%.

(2) Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing

Investors can use small money to invest real estate with others, you don’t need millions just $500 can invest, the platform makes this method become possible.

The average earning more than 10% you can expert, however, the opportunity come with lots of risks, you should pay attention to any potential risks you can’t see.

To be financial freedom

19. Buy And Sell Domain Names

Selling a domain name could be a millionaire isn’t a joke. For example, Apple purchased the domain name for about $4.5 million from a Swedish company called Xcerion.

You can buy lots of simple domain names, waiting for who need it, and sell it. If you are lucky, you may earn lots of money here.

Could be income stable

1. Freelancer

Freelance working absolutely best for you if you cannot find a comfortable part-time job at life, but still want flexible free time with your job.

However, to be a freelancer, you should have your own skills or talent can help people finish their works. there are many platforms that can serve you to match with an employer, such as UpworkFiverrLinkedin ProFinder, and more.

According to Payoneer’s data, the global freelancer average annual pretax salary is $39,000+. Some areas such as the United State and the United Kingdom would be higher like $60,000+ salary average annual.

Freelance website help people earn money

2. Coaching

Coach is someone who brings their learner to achieve a specific personal or professional goal. Become a coach you need some specific experience or expert skills.

Coaching is similar to an online course, the online course just tells the story and experience to you, you may get something or nothing, but online course no responsibility at all after once sell.

The coach should take some responsibility at least to help their learner more closely to the goal. And the coach may need to interact with the learner, provide training and guidance to learners, in order to let learners grow up.

The average annual salary of the coach about $30,000+. By the way, become a coach you should have the great followers social media account to grow your member, it better than you use the platform service at all.

Coaching others to know-how

3. Writing On Medium

Medium is a writing platform, you can share your articles there, and the platform will pay you according to how much people read your articles.

To compare with WordPress, Medium is simple, the website design is comfortable from the author to write, you can build your medium page just about a minute.

Also, you would get some traffics from Medium if your articles really good, you don’t need to bother SEO much there, most of the things medium done. By the way, you need to self-promotion your Medium if you want traffics and money.

However, only 8% of active writers earned over $100 in July 2019, Medium reported. The most 1% earning is about $20,000+. It’s hard to survive at Medium.

Writing blog to earn money through Medium

4. Dog Walker Or Dog Sitter

The job helps customers take care of the dog or take the dog outside to walk. This is an easy job, however, you can only seek the customers nearby.

The average salary of the job around $14+ per hour, and $2,500+ per month. Of course, this is established on you can find out the customers nearby your daily live regional.

Hang out with dogs

5. Drive For Uber

If you are love driving, want to turn into your spare time to earn money, you should become a Uber driver. To be a Uber driver you just need to own a vehicle. The average annual salary around $30,000+ for a Uber driver.

Start your driving live to earn money with Uber

6. Become A Consultant

A consultant should know-how to the analysis problem and give a resolution to who hired you. You are the troubleshooter, problem preventer, and performance improver.

The average annual salary of the consultant around $70,000+. To be a consultant you may own at least one expertise, know-how to find customers, such as using Linkedin.

7. Rent Out Your Car

If you have a car or one more that you don’t drive, you can charge a reasonable price to let others drive your personal car. You can through platforms such as Hyrecar and Turo to share your car.

This is a regional business, you only can earn who nearby you. The average salary annual around $12,000+ through rent out your car. You almost don’t need to do everything.

Rent out your car to earn money

8. Rent Your House Or Room

If you have a big house or one more, go to the platform such as or Vrbo to rent out your house or room would be a nice choice.

According to Airbnb, the average monthly salary of a host about $924+, which means earning $11,000+ annually not so difficult.

Feeling great sleep

9. Find A Remote Job

It seems like freelance, but the remote job will take a long-term commitment with the employer or company. You don’t need to go to the workplace, it’s the real online job, you can work everywhere.

There are lots of companies seeking employees through such as FlexJobsDynamite JobsRemotive, and more. The salary about the job you need to negotiate with the employer.

Office working

10. To Be A Mystery Shopper

The absolutely good job for a female who likes shopping. The company hired you to shop in the store and collect the data about the store such as the quality of sales and service, job performance, regulatory compliance, and so on.

You can become a mystery shopper through such as BestMarkMarket ForceSecret Shopper, and so on. The average annual salary around $40,000 – $70,000.

Shopping can be a job

Could be pocket money

1. Online Surveys

You can make money from survey, that’s about $5 to $35 per survey by filling online surveys such as a questionnaire on the internet. There are hundreds of sites that feature paid online surveys, it can be said that paid online surveys everywhere. And it’s difficult to compare the pros and cons of these websites, you can find by yourself

2. Test Websites and Apps

Help creators to check the website or apps could be making money. Your task is to tell them the experience you suffered and the bug you found, in order to help the creators improve their website or apps performance.

You can earn $10+ for each test complete, there isn’t an infinitive test you can do, so you could earn up to $100+ to $300+ per month. To be a tester, you can through the platform such as User TestingUTestEnroll, and so on.

Playing phone

3. Do Task

Similar to freelance work, but do a task more relate to daily life. You can help employers do some simple tasks like help moving, shopping delivery, Home repairs, and so on.

You can earn $20+ per hour, however, if your location none of the people publishing a task, you may earn nothing. You can get the task through TaskRabbitMechanical Turk, and so on.

Do task to earn money at TaskRabbit

4. Second-hand sale

Everyone will bother about that to deal with useless or unused kinds of stuff. If you throw away, you may feel that’s wasted. Therefore, you can sell it on the second-hand market such as Sell.comMercari, and Letgo. You could get back some pocket money as well.

Sell second hand product to others who needed it

5. Sell Your Social Media Account

How the another idea to make money from Instagram and others social media?  Social media account is one of the wealth of you. According to how much followers you have, your account could sell lots of money. But notice that, there is a potential risk of buyer scam.

Social media applications such tumblr, Instagram, Vimeo, and Vine

That’s all earning ways we found on the internet, we already eliminate the duplicate or very similar ways as we can, then increase the quality of the article. What we want is provide the best experience to all reader, hope you will back our site again to read more our articles and fun things.

Of course, those 34 make money ideas we told you, that’s not the all ways can help you earn, we probably missed some, or there are some very new we don’t know.

Finally, if you enjoy to read this article, share with others please. Most people who unemployed or desire to earn more money may need this, hope everyone has a great environment to live in during the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s fight this shit 2021 together.

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