4 Reasons Why You Should Build Additional Income Source

Online income is possible for everyone

Have you ever thought that your salary not enough to satisfy your dream live, you want to enjoy but actually your life not that great. The heavy work and the damn bills, they can bother you evey day, do you want to quit out? That’s why you should considering build additional income source.

Making money online become true, easy and popular nowadays. It’s not a jack, you can be the one of them who making money online. There are many ways allowed you to earn money online, even some information already tell you the way, but have you catch it?

2021 is a really bad years.

Under the COVID-19, a lots of industries cannot operating their business normally, some of them are closed by the local government required.

The world is like stopped, the city like abandoned, everyone wear mask and keep distance on the street. Most of people choose stay home, the special environment cause some people unable to make money at this moment.

Many SMEs and some companies are facing collapse, they decided to lay off staffs. A huge of people get unemployment, poor and homeless people are increasing, the global economy back to ten years ago.

Protest because of unemployment, poor and homeless

Because of these situation, companies transferred their business to the internet, people also change their lifestyle closely to the internet such as online shopping, food ordering online and online meeting with others.

The world is changing, many activities are changed from the physical to the Internet. So that making money online will be more popular, you can easily do it than before.

Furthermore, you don’t know whether you are the next one be unemployed, build your online income can help you a lots.

Why you should start earning money online?


1. Avoided financial trouble if you are suddenly unemployed.

Can you imagine that one day you are suddenly loose your job?

You may said just find another job, but how it’s difficult for the current situation?

Even though you are unemployed, your bill still need to pay every month, if you are single, that’s easy, you perhaps can afforded your live several months to years. However, if you are married and you need to raise children, sorry, it maybe a big trouble for you.

In order to avoided financial problems, you should have enough deposit to maintain your live, before you find a new job. If you had builded your online income, even though you loose have a job, you still have income every month, it will help you so much.

Many problems can original by poverty

2. The world tendency.

Have you observed that people’s live is closing to the internet, what we do, what we see, and what we hear. We don’t know that one day internet become apart of our live like that.

Chat with someone, you will think use your phone first.

When you need help, you will open your phone first.

Shopping, why don’t we shopping online, fast, convenient.

When you feel boring, you will open social media such as InstagramTwitterTikTok etc..

If you want some entertainment, there are tons of game with different categories can fulfil your requirements.

Using internet you almost can satisfy your daily live nowadays, you don’t need to face-to-face see others or touch others, just touch your phone, it’s done. By the way, the technology give us a lots, but we lose our temperature.

Back to the topic, we can see that how crazy of the game, social media, eCommerce business and online advertising growth. On the other hand, it’s unfortunately the coronavirus happening at this intensive time, traditional companies cannot survived if they don’t change their business mode, therefore, most of traditional companies transferred their business mode focus on internet.

Under the lockdown, it’s impossible to do business normally at physical, as the time going, most of people also accepts the live keep social distance, lives change between physical to internet, this is a trend of world.

As the internet users get more active for any reason, the potential of we making money online also increasing, you don’t join inside to gain some benefit, I think you will be regret as the gold time pass, it’s still not too late.

Trading in the internet

3. Expanded your social network.

In order to make your first revenue online, you may take months or years to process, you may meet people by email and social media, they are happy to connect with you, that’s the time to build your personal valuable social network, it’s the wealth can help you a lots of your life.

If you want to talk about your job, what’s the values inside it? You can get salary and what? Most of company, the task given to you are fixed, you just need to like a bot to repeat it, it’s done. Of courses, if you are top manager or higher, forget what I said.

If you excluded your job, what’s value you have? You know coding, drawing, dancing or what? You may have lots of talent but who know that and who care? Your values aren’t beneficial to you at all except you have your own social network.

Your friends are the part of you social network, but how many of them can help you, probably you help them more than they help you. It’s not a good relationship when you become adult, because they aren’t values to you. Therefore, you need to build your social network bigger, let more people know you and what you can benefit to them.

The internet give you a platform to show off, if more people know you, you will have more chance to make better beneficial, for example if you are influencer, someone may want to advertising on you; if you are blogger, someone may want to invite you to do collaboration. The social network you build on internet, it’s your real value.

Safety social network importance to everyone

4. Achieved financial freedom.

Retirement before the age of 30, travel around the world, do whatever you want and freedom. That’s the dream from most people, how can bring it to reality? Pull out of the factors, the first, you should have money to support your dream and independent.

Most of online earning, once you do it and succeed, all of them are long-term income. You maybe need to effort at early stage, if you pass the hard time, you almost don’t need to do so much things after that, the money coming with you.

Moreover, if you smart and effort enough, you could be the next millionaire. You can quit your job, plan your live and received stable online income, enjoy the things you never thought. That’s your real freedom started, if you earn enough savings.

To be financial freedom

The world is changing, you will be eliminated if you don’t change.

Everything is change, during the social distance, most of people had tried home working, conference/meeting on FaceTime or others software. That’s closely to what you doing if you making money online, a phone or laptop can finished your work. This is the trend, societies or companies impossible to stop it.

However, making money online have higher potential benefit than your job, and lots of job categories will be eliminated in the future. Why don’t you try to start your online earning, give yourself an opportunity?

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