6 Reason Why Your Site Not Show Up On Google

Why search engine isn't indexing your site

Even you follow the tutorial step by step to build your website, there are still lots of problems you will encounter. If you can’t find your website in Google’s search results, it’s is one of the common issues that occurred by the newbie.

Before we fix the problem, you should check that are you really meet the problem? You should open your browser and go to Google search engine enter site:yourdomain such as (our website).

Search your all website results at google engine

If the search outcome shows lots of results about your website, your website probably working fine, you don’t need to worry about this problem.

Moreover, if your website stops updated on google search or some pages never updated, that’s the other problem, you can read our solution here.

You can’t find your website by keyword search?

For example, your website domain is, you want to search your website by coffee, it’s not possible because coffee is a popular search result.

You can see all search results by what you enter

These types of problems related to SEO (Search engine optimization), your ranking is too low so that keyword search can’t find you. 

Back to the topic, Google’s search engine does not index your website, it’s probably coming from 6 reasons.

1. Website Just Publiced

If you can’t find any results after you enter site:yourdomain, probably your website too new for search engine, wait several days to a week, let the search engine know about your website.

2. XML sitemap

After you enter site:yourdomain, the search engine only shows your homepage, which means you haven’t yet connected your XML sitemap with the Google search console or webmaster tools (bing and yahoo).

You can through WordPress itself, XML sitemap plugins, or SEO plugins to own an XML sitemap. However, only own an XML sitemap, it’s won’t show on search engine automatically, you need to connect it with google search console or webmaster tools in order to complete it.

You XML sitemaps never updated after set up for a long periods? Don’t, we teach you how to fix it here.

3. Search Engine Visibility

You have blocked the search engine from indexing your website by enabled the search engine visibility setting button.

Go Your WordPress > Settings > Reading > Disable Search Engine Visibility

After you disable the setting, the search engine will re-start crawling your site again.

You can choose to allow or disallow all search engines to index your website or not

4. Noindex Tags (Meta Robots)

If your theme’s source code has “noindex” tag, your website will block by the search engine too.

How to check it?

Go Your WordPress > Appearance > Theme Editor > Theme Files > Header.php

Then, get a look at the file meta part, if there existed some code like this.

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”>

Delete it, your website will index again by the search engine.

How to find your website header.php

“Noindex” meta tag normally only will occur at the header.php, the single page/post wouldn’t code the meta. By the way, WordPress SEO plugin can manage the “Noindex” tag by turn on/off at the editor page such as Yoast SEO.

SEO plugin disallow your page index

5. Robots.txt

This file in the root of your website’s folder can tell the search engine how to crawl pages on your website. You can allow/disallow some pages crawling by the search engine.

You can check your website has/hasn’t robots.txt by 


How to check your website robots.txt

If your website hasn’t robot.txt, you can directly create one at your Cpanel or hosting platform. Otherwise, SEO plugins and some plugins also provided robot.txt functional.

If you see disallow:/ inside the robot.txt, you should delete it, that’s telling the search engine doesn’t crawl your whole website.

Remove the disallow all, it's block search engine crawl your whole website

6. Google Penalty

The least probable reason why your website isn’t crawled, normally, Google won’t punish you even your website so bad, it will occur on such User-Generated Spam, Hacked Site, sneaky redirect, and so on.

How to check Google Penalty?

Go Google > search console > manual actions

If nothing inside it, you are fine.

Unfortunately, you get this problem, you should contact an expert or search for solutions by yourself.

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