7 Benefits Of A Cold Shower That Good For You

Why you should take a cold shower

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Do you like to shower? In summer, a cold shower is an enjoyable thing to do, just a few minutes let you calm down and relaxed, especially you feel hot and sweat a lot.

For me, I will prefer a hot shower during cold weather, however, someone would like to take a cold shower even in winter, almost a year every day keep doing this.

Are you confused that why they keep cold showers like this? I guess the reason is about the benefits of a cold shower, below will show you the 7 benefits of a cold shower.

1. Strengthen the immune system 

According to a doctoral study in London, after you are taking a cold shower, it can stimulate blood circulation and activate immune cells.

When the cold shower is done, your metabolism will accelerate in order to maintain body temperature, thereby it will stimulating the immune system and releasing white blood cells to resist the enemy, which can increase the body immunity.

In short, if you can keep a cold shower habit, your body will be super healthy, but don’t do this when you get sick.

Cold Shower is good for health

2. Burning fat

The human body separates fat into two types called brown fat and white fat. Brown fat is good fat, normally it can provide heat for our body’s use.

On the other hand, white fat is bad fat that as we are over intake calories will produce. It is worth mentioning that, our body is hard to burn white fat, therefore, it will storage inside our body, which becomes body fat put on our weight.

In order to keep body temperature during we are taking a cold shower, our body’s brown fat will be activated and accelerate the speed of burning fat by about 15 times.

Therefore, even you don’t always do exercise, you can take a cold shower to burn fat, each time of shower you probably can burn out 4 kilograms of fat, it’s awesome.

Weight loss successful

3. Keep mental health

In 2007, the Virginia Medical School found that a cold shower can activate the “Locus Coeruleus” in the brain, making it hard to feel sadness and effectively alleviating depression.

For people who always take a cold shower, you would know that after a cold shower, you will feel good, your mind will calm down and relaxed, it’s helpful for mental health.

Cold shower can relaxing your whole body

4. Increase adaptability and willpower

People can increase their body’s adaptability through resistance an uncomfortable situation. For example, we take a cold shower, during the cold water stimulate our body, we will gradually release heat in order to resist the cold, then we won’t feel cold but letter bit warm.

When we meet an uncomfortable environment that stimulated our body, the nervous system will send feedback to our brain to give a reaction in order to let our body adapt to the environment, that’s why always take a cold shower, you don’t feel cold instead.

So, if you continuously challenge yourself within an acceptable situation, you will become strong as possible, also increase adaptability and willpower.

5. Relieve muscle soreness

Scientists did an experiment in 2009. The researchers found two groups of athletes to test, one was immersed in cold water after intense exercise, and the other group was in a hot water.

As the result, they found that cold water around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius can relieve the human body’s muscle soreness for 1 to 4 days long.

Therefore, we did workouts or sports then take a cold shower can relieve our muscle soreness, which restores our body and keeps us better to exercise later.

Shower times

6. Feel energetic

You can wake up your body through a cold shower, it definitely works for everyone. As you are wake up, tired, sleepy, or absent-minded, after a cold shower you will energetic whatever you do.

You feel great spirit because the cold water stimulates your body, it is like make your body breathing deeply. Your heartbeat will accelerate and push the blood going to whole body, which helps you being sober and energetic immediately.

beauty girl enjoy bathing

7. Cold shower increase the testosterones level

Male’s testicles are fit in 35 to 36 degrees Celsius normally, and testicles are sensitive to temperature, especially high temperature can cause the testosterone decrease.

However, who love to take a cold shower, you are lucky that a cold shower can cause the testosterone to increase, which means you get a great sexual function.

According to the University of California study, the men who loved to take a hot shower, they changed to take a cold shower for 3 months, as a result, the number of sperm actually burst to 491%, that’s the well-being that all man should know.

Taking cold water bath with shower filter

Finally, doctors reminded that the water too cold if you use to take a shower, it will cause vasoconstriction and change your heart rate, therefore, those who have cardiovascular and elderly must avoid it.

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