7 Tips To Improve Gastrointestinal

Green vegetables good for health

Why does gastrointestinal failure happen? To solve digestive problems, we must first examine the cause of indigestion, and then further explore ways to clean the intestines.

So, that’s possible to improve digestive problems. Only the digestive problems are improved, it can be possible to achieve the goal of cleaning the intestines and thus achieve good health.

1. Eat food without chew adequately

Intestinal system obstruction is often caused by indigestion, most of these have related to our lifestyle. In a state of efficiency and stressful life, we are always eating too fast or too hurry.

And other digestive systems require food to be fully chewed to function, otherwise, it may cause indigestion or other uncomfortable symptoms.

Therefore, the first step in cleaning the intestines is to chew food carefully, let your body feeling comfortable, and better digest food at all.

Eating pizza at restaurant

2. Drink a lot of liquids while eating

You should avoid drinking large amounts of liquids when eating. These liquids will dilute the digestive juices and digestive enzymes, thereby reducing the efficiency of digestion.

In addition, the stomach has a mechanism that detects when food should move forward. The acidity in the stomach will be slightly weakened when the food is properly decomposed by gastric acid.

During the body receives a signal that the acidity is weakened, the body will immediately inform the stomach that the work has been completed.

Therefore, it will dilute the gastric acid in the stomach if you drink liquid while eating, then causing the stomach to think that the digestive work is completed, and push the food to the small intestine prematurely.

However, the small intestine cannot replace the work of the stomach, it will cause indigestion, so you should avoid drinking any beverages while eating.

If you must take nutritional supplements while eating, just drink as little water as possible to help swallow.

In general, it is better not to drink any beverages for half an hour before a meal, also within one hour after a meal, it is a great diet habit.

Drinking a glass of water

3. Not enough water between meals

You should not drink a lot of water during meals, but you need to drink the appropriate amount of water between meals. Otherwise, it will cause a lack of water in the intestines and cause constipation.

During constipation, toxins will continue to accumulate in the intestine and then be reabsorbed into the blood, it’s unhealthy for your body and easy to cause complications.

4. Eating too complicated

The more we eat, the fewer foods our bodies can properly digest. In other words, the body’s digestive system has a limited ability to digest large and complex diets.

In addition, when the food we eat is too complex and contains too many different ingredients, the body’s digestive enzymes cannot be properly processed.

You can think back to the chemistry class in high school, protein needs acid enzymes for digestion, and carbohydrates need alkaline enzymes for digestion.

However, when the acid enzyme and alkaline enzyme are mixed, the two enzymes will become neutral, the result is indigestion.

Therefore, don’t eat too much at each meal, you can eat some snacks occasionally to avoid overburdening the digestive tract.

Eating buffet

5. Emotional or mental stress

It is recommended you not eat when you are upset, especially to avoid eating when you are stressed out.

Because excessive pressure will damage the function of the digestive system and affect the effect of food digestion.

6. Eat before bed

As the digestion process slows down as night approaches, your body may not be able to properly digest food when you eat at night.

And eating at night can cause many problems, the main problems include weight gain, fart, heartburn, indigestion, flatulence. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid eating within 2 or 3 hours before bedtime.

Eating and reading both on the bed

7. Insufficient digestive enzyme supplement

As people get older, digestive enzymes also gradually decrease, and the amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach decreases.

This condition often causes digestive problems, and also causes diseases in other parts, such as allergies, flatulence, weight gain, and insufficient nutrition.

Therefore, you should eat food such as vegetables to avoid the situation described above after you are old. You can eat salad at lunch and dinner.

Salad is well, however, be careful don’t over intake. You should control the salad you eat within half of the food you intake daily.

Eat too much salad can cause constipation even other complications. On the other hand, you also need other foods to gain enough nutrition.

Basically, you eat too many foods that lacking enzymes often cause indigestion and consume the body’s own digestive enzymes.

Lack of enzymes foods includes all cooked foods, canned foods, fried foods, packaged foods, instant foods, and so on. Moreover, indigestion can have many harmful effects on the body.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat enough vegetables and salad every day, to balance your body’s digestive enzymes, also help digest other cooked foods.

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