Buy A Template Or Elementor Pro Which Better

Elementor is better than just buy a template?

Most of the time, free WordPress Themes can’t satisfy people’s requirements. If you still hesitate whether to buy a paid template/theme or Elementor Pro, take a second here, we help you simple 4 steps analyze their pros and cons.

1. Price

Most of one influence people’s purchases desired which is price definitely. People like good quality and cheap products, if they can use a lower price to satisfy their needs, they probably won’t think to buy a better one.

There are lots of websites that provide WordPress themes and templates, such as Themeforest. The price to buy WordPress themes or templates is cheap, normally, it attached a year of updating, and you can use forever once you pay.

To explain the difference between a theme and a template, for short, a template defines the layout of a single page, a theme includes several different templates and controls the design of your entire site.

For people who want to buy a WordPress theme or template, most of the website starting from $2, average you will spend $15 there if it cost over $40, it’s not worth to buy, I recommended Elementor Pro instead.

For personal use, Elementor Pro price annual $49, which means if it expired, you need to pay $49 again, it sounds expensive compared to buy a template. However, Elementor Pro provides lots of powerful and useful function, you can find 100+ templates within its editor system, it helps you build your website more convenient. So, it’s cheap instead of expensive compared to its value.

All in all, if you don’t need many functions to support your website building, buy a suitable template will be the best choice for you. However, if you want to DIY a website which belongs to you, you might need lots of functions to support, Elementor Pro will be better for you.

2. Time

For those who buy a WordPress theme or template, you don’t need to spend lots of time building your website. The layout, color, and font all already set up, you can directly input your content then build up your website.

However, Elementor Pro would take time to learn how to use, and you also need time to build up your website step by step because the website start from the header until the bottom, all the layout, color, and font need your custom.

According to how much time you could use, the decision would be different. If you haven’t that much time, buy a WordPress theme or template will absolutely suitable for you. But, if you have enough time, Elementor Pro will be better. 


3. Editor System

Elementor has its own editor system, it’s easy to access and designs each of your site parts, you can edit your site with drag and drop. The visual editor provides lots of functions that you can simple and fast to use without any code used.

On the other hand, you don’t need to preview your site frequently, the editor lets you preview and edits your site both together, even in mobile or tablet view editing. Almost all the site parts you can custom by yourself.

If you buy a template/theme, you will lose that advantage. However, the designer already set up all the layout for you, you don’t need to DIY anything by yourself, use WordPress’s editor is enough.

Use Elementor DIY your site could use lots of time, however, buy a template/theme will save lots of time to edit your site. There are pros and cons to both of them.

WordPress Editor
Elementor Editor

4. Flexibility

When you meet some issues or want to change your website design such as layout and style, Elementor can change it anytime even build a new template page for just minutes to hours.

However, if you buy a template/theme, it’s not good for you to change the layout or something within the template/theme. Moreover, when you meet some issues, you can ask the seller to help, it spends lots of time and the seller probably would give no response.

Therefore, you should deeply consider before you choose, if you buy a template/theme you probably can’t get the flexibility to change your website layout or style.

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Finally, either a paid template/theme or Elementor Pro both have their own market advantage, depended on people’s requirements, they all can suitable different people’s needs.

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