Can't Grow Taller Anymore? Read This Know Why


Grow taller is an eternal topic, 90% of adults around 18 -28 years old, they are stop growing height, the growth has encountered obstacles.

If you strengthen exercise during this period, and strengthen the movement of bone stimulation, you can still make your body grow taller.

We all know that the growth and development of the human body are different at different ages, and there are certain differences in the methods used to increase height in different physical conditions.

Only the correct method of heightening can make us quickly achieve the effect of heightening.

How adolescence grow taller:

Adolescence is the key time to growing taller. Many people with short stature are caused by adolescence.

If you find yourself or your child’s growth at this stage is too slow, then you must pay attention to it. We suggested that you should do more exercise and eat more to get more nutrition at this stage.

The main aspects of exercise are: flexibility training, coordination training, aerobic training, appropriate resistance training; moderate exercise intensity.

Exercise for more than 20 minutes each time, more than four times a week; in addition, participate in physical activities that are suitable for age and development every day; you should especially do more stretching exercises.

Your diet should be based on calcium, as well as seafood and vegetable vitamins.

We recommoneded that adolescence can appropriately buy some calcium tablets to cooperate with the treatment.

Even though, we are drinking milk on a daily basis, inside the calcium tablets have others amino acids necessary for us to growing taller.

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How adults grow taller:

It can be said that people who want to grow taller, most of them are adults, so how can adults growing taller?

Generally, the bone growth of adults is basically saturated, and it is difficult to increase at this time. However, it is not impossible, and there are many success example of increase height in adulthood.

The main method for adults are surgery nowadays, that’s actually fast and effective, you don’t need to think how to grow taller anymore.

Also the sequelae after surgery is strong and painful, some sequelae may keep along with your life forever.

So, we only talk about the nature method of increasing height here:

1. Stretching the epiphyseal line

Strengthen exercise, mainly stretching up and down. If your epiphyseal line is just closed, you only need to keep your physical exercise stretched for a period of time and then you can completely pull the epiphyseal line away.

As long as the epiphyseal line is pulled away, you can achieve height growth again. Yoga is the best stretching exercises increase height.

Yoga relaxing

2. Food Matching

Eat more foods that are good for growth and easy absorption of calcium. Food is the source of power of human growth, our bones, muscles and etc. that growth need to be transformed by the energy of food, therefore, except exercise, you need to pay attention to diet.

Eat more protein, especially foods containing “amino acids” such as: flour, wheat germ, beans, shrimp, crab, shellfish, seaweed, beef, chicken, liver, pork leg, eggs, milk, cheese and deep color vegetables etc.

Conversely, foods such as white rice, glutinous rice, and desserts should be avoided as much as possible. Cola and fruit juice also need to abstain, because it contains a lot of sugar, which will hinder the absorption of calcium, eating too much will affect the development of bones. Also, you must develop the habit of eating less salt, just intake moderate is enough.

Grilled steak keto diet

3. Rest time

“Growth hormone” is an important factor that affects the height of the human body. Unlike other human hormones, growth hormone is secreted during sleep at night, the more growth hormone secreted, the more helpful to you grow taller. So try to less or no stay up late, also get enough sleep.

“Growth hormone” is available at all times, whether young or old. Growth will not stop all the time, life will continue and growth will continue too. However, hormone secretion is very strong in youth, and the growth rate will be fast.

As you get old, your hormone secretion will decrease, and your body’s ability to grow taller will not be able to break through the conditions for bone growth, the growth will stop. So if you want to grow taller, you must be young.

Time control is important

To Sum Up

You should void of using the wrong exercise method and forming the wrong exercise posture when you are adolescence.

No one taught me the right exercise method, as a result, I haven’t grown taller after primary school, no matter how hard I try to grow taller, it’s useless.

Wrong exercise methods and postures will increase the load on the body, thus compressing the growth of the body.

Adults lose nutrition quickly because of their developmental period already passed, combined with many bad habits such as stay up late, excessive sex, sub-health and fatigue work.

No matter how much adults eat, they cannot completely absorb nutrients, so it is difficult to achieve an height increase condition.

Finally, no matter how old you are, the easiest way to increase your height is to get enough sleep, adequate nutrition and the right exercise method (standing reach is a good way to increase height).

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