Dragon Fruit: Benefits, Species, How To Choose And Eat It?

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is also known as strawberry pear, pitaya, or pitahaya, a juicy and delicious tropical fruit that comes from Central and South America.

Why you should eat dragon fruit?

1. High nutrition

Edible dragon fruit can provide you multiple nutrients that you need every day. It can including soluble dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin C/B1/B2/B3/B12, anthocyanins, protein, and trace elements (especially iron and magnesium).

According to its high valuable and comprehensive nutrition, you can consider putting it in your diet, it could better supply your nutrition enough and help you be more healthy.

2. Good for your beauty

A high level of dietary fiber can help the body discharge toxins and other harmful metabolites, thus your skin will naturally being great.

Its vitamin C can prevent and treat hyperpigmentation. 

The carotene inside the fruit has high antioxidants that can prevent aging and skin disease.

Moreover, dragon fruit has anthocyanins, which also contain a strong antioxidant capacity (better than vitamin C and E) can scavenge the free radicals, improve your health and appearance.

3. Improve your immune system

Vitamin C, anthocyanins, and carotene all can strengthen our immune system, prevent cell damage and inflammation.

Always eat dragon fruit can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In addition, dragon fruit also can prevent cancer by its rich trace elements, vitamin C, anthocyanins, and carotene.

4. Good for bowel movements

Dragon fruit is rich in soluble dietary fiber and pectin, especially the fruit seeds that contain a very high amount of dietary fiber.

After eating, it will quickly stimulate and enhance intestinal motility.

Once you eat, you will know how awesome it helps you defecate and alleviating constipate.

5. Weight loss

Must to said that, dragon fruit could be the alternative food that helps people weight loss.

Because It’s a low-calorie fruit but contains a great amount of dietary fiber that can increase our satiety.

For its carbohydrates may belong to low-medium levels, about 8g to 14g per 100 grams of dragon fruit, so you can feel free to eat.

Furthermore, it can help digestion, reduce the absorption of lipids in the intestine, and accelerate the excretion of metabolites to prevent abdominal obesity caused by stool.

6. Great trace elements

For our health, it is important to supplement trace elements regularly, dragon fruit is a rare fruit that has multiple trace elements.

Each dragon fruit contains about 8% RDI of iron and 18% RDI of magnesium. Also including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and so on.

You will get sick or uncomfortable if you lack intake of trace elements, for example, enough iron intake can prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia.

Therefore, intake of enough trace elements can maintain our health.

The species of dragon fruit

There are simple three common dragon fruit species that you can easily distinguish.

They are selenicereus undatus, selenicereus costaricensis, and selenicereus megalanthus. Ok, don’t punch me, we change the way to explain. 

1. White dragon fruit (selenicereus undatus)

It’s the most common dragon fruit with a light taste (lower sweet), the price is also the cheapest one.

Normally, it is red skin with green scales outside the fruit. After you cut or peel it, the white-fleshed and black seeds will show you.

Dragon fruit slices

2. Red dragon fruit (Selenicereus costaricensis)

The fruit peel is very similar to white dragon fruit, but it’s red-fleshed inside.

The red dragon fruit may be expensive than the white one because it tastes sweeter and better than the white one.

Also, the nutrition will be better, such as the anthocyanins and carotene will be higher.

Red dragon fruit

3. Yellow dragon fruit (Selenicereus megalanthus)

You can directly distinguish it with red skin dragon fruit because of its yellow skin.

Inside the fruit, it is transparent flesh, and the seeds are bigger than the red skin one.

Moreover, the yellow one may be the most expensive dragon fruit because of the taste.

Yellow dragon fruit

How to choose?

1. Color

First, you should look at the skin status. Bright color, smooth skin, and no wilting could be your first choice.  Peel color represents the maturity of the fruit, so bright will be better.

Bad quality dragon fruit


Good quality dragon fruit

2. Weight

Choose the heavier ones. The fruit weight represents how rich in flesh and juicy inside.

3. Choose white and red dragon fruit

If you don’t know there are white or red dragon fruit in front of you, you can see its shape.

Normally the rounder one is the red dragon fruit, and the oval one is the white dragon fruit.

How to eat?

1. You can cut a crack then use your hand to peel it directly, you can easily get the whole fruit flesh.

2. Directly cut it in half, you can use a spoon to scoop out the flesh.

3. Cut it in half, get the half-dragon fruit then cut it in half again.

Who shouldn’t eat?

Even dragon fruit has high nutritional value, there are some people who can’t eat it.

1. People with diarrhea

Eating too much can easily cause diarrhea, so people who are suffering from diarrhea shouldn’t eat dragon fruit.

2. Women during menstrual

Women should avoid dragon fruit during menstruation to avoid causing or aggravating dysmenorrhea.

Side Effect

There aren’t any health risks if you eat dragon fruit, however, someone who eating it easily causes defecation even diarrhea.

Moreover, red dragon fruit contains high betalains, eating will cause your stool and urine to be red in color, that’s the common appearance. Stop eating can back to normal.

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