Drink Soda Like This If You Want Dead

Soda drink

Carbonated beverage products (Soda) refer to beverages filled with carbon dioxide gas under certain conditions. In addition to sugars that can replenish energy for the human body, carbonated drinks contain almost no nutrients, excessive drinking soda will harmful.

Most people know that drinking carbonated drinks is bad for the health, such as causing osteoporosis. However, they still like to drink, especially in the summer, a can of iced Coke is refreshing.

We are not that wanna convinced you to stop drinking, just want to let you know, drinking soda with these four victuals will damage your body even die.

1. Mint candy

Have you watched videos of cola boiling before? In fact, throwing a mint into the cola will cause the carbon dioxide in the cola to be released suddenly, then bubbles to boil.

This kind of phenomenon in the stomach can be imagined if you drink soda with mint candy, which’s quite uncomfortable. And it can even cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract, trachea, and esophagus.

Mint candy

2. Instant noodles

When instant noodles encounter soda, it will instantly accelerate the emission of carbon dioxide, causing a large amount of carbon dioxide gas to come out, leading to bloating, carbon dioxide poisoning, and other adverse reactions.

In addition, carbonated drinks may contain a certain amount of caffeine. Caffeine will react with instant noodles msg to produce a neuro transmitting substance. When this substance reaches a certain amount, it can cause palpitation and accelerated heartbeat.

instand noodles

3. Milk

Milk contains two major nutrients, protein, and calcium. Soda drink contains a lot of acidic substances.

When these two are together, a chemical reaction will occur to produce calcium oxalate and protein complexes that are difficult to dissolve, which’s reduce the nutrients of milk and increase the gastrointestinal load.

In severe cases, gastroliths may even appear, which can be removed after surgery.

Drink milk will be more healthy?

4. Alcohol

Many people like to add cola, sprite, and other carbonated beverages to liquor. When carbonated beverages are drunk with alcohol, carbonic acid will carry alcohol to the whole body, generate a large amount of carbon dioxide, paralyze the nerves, appear fake drunkenness, and inhibit the discharge of secondary alcohol products. So, How healthy are you?

Alcohol bar
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