4 Steps That Can Help You Start Financial Planning

Financial planning

For everyone who wants to do a personal financial plan, it’s simple as you thought, just take your first step then all will be done. 

Normally, you don’t need to hire an expert to do a financial plan except you are so rich or the owner of many assets.

Firstly, you may confuse that how to start and how to do it. Do worry, there are 4 steps that lead you to start your plan.

1. Know your financial situation

You should understand which items your income and expenses include, how much wealth you currently have before you start financial planning.

Once you master your situation, you will know that where should cut the budget and where should give more. These adjustments may increase your revenue and reduce unnecessary expenditure.

Then, you are ready to start the financial plan. You can set a goal and time to achieve your plan such as how much wealth you want to accumulate in a few years.

2. Establish clear financial goals

When you are deciding the order of various financial goals, such as repayment, buy a house, or pay children’s tuition. You must understand what is really important to you and other family members.

Ask yourself that what kind of landscape comes to your mind and what life that you want to live in the future before setting financial goals.

Everyone has their preferences and dreams, so there aren’t standards that restrict you, you can feel free to set financial goals through your financial planning.

Even though money can’t buy happiness. But you can through achieve financial goals to make your life better and free.

write down your planning

3. Carry out financial planning on time

It’s important to know that how much time you need to pay for before reaching your financial goals.

Some goals are short in time and some may take several years even more if you want to achieve them.

According to the length of time, financial goals can be this three-level.

Short-term goals

Considering in the next 12 to 18 months that what you need and expectations. Such as pay credit card fees, or buy a car.

Mid-term goals

A goal that you hope to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years, such as pay for the children’s tuition, or the home renovation fee.

Long-term goals

It usually reflects ambitious needs, you will use a lot of time, including repayment about the home purchase mortgage, or expand the retirement fund.

Furthermore, the goal you want to achieve, and the time you can pay for, these factors will determine the type of investment that would meet your needs.

Why should master your financial situation?

Because you can know your monthly income and expense, then obtain the actual amount you can use for investment each month.

Generally, wise people will only take a portion of the money to invest such as 10% net salary each month. By the way, the budget for investment shouldn’t affect your daily life.

Also, you need to keep some cash in hand for emergency use such as health problems, family, or work.

Now, you know how a simple financial plan working. The several goals you setting inside your plan should be reasonable, create an impossible financial plan isn’t a good idea.

Make a business plan

4. Evaluate the risk of investment

You must carefully evaluate the pros and cons, understand the relationship between risk and reward before you decide to take investment risks.

The risk level you are willing to take will affect the type of investment decision you make.

For example, are you accept a slow and stable investment method that in exchange for low-risk. Or pursuit a faster way that can earn higher rewards but high-risk?

If you are confused, there are many different types of investments and strategies in the market that may help you achieve your financial goals.

Time deposit

Maybe the best way to earn daily expenses and emergency funds. The rate of return on deposits depends on interest rates. If interest rates are low or fall, returns will fall accordingly.

Fixed-Income securities

Commonly refers to bonds, which usually have low or medium risk, provide returns in the form of regular interest payments, and finally return the principal at maturity.

Real estate

Recognized as a growth asset generally, which may create capital gains in the long run. You can invest in residential, commercial real estate, or invest through a real estate investment trust (RETI).


You can easily buy it on the stock market. The risk can be low or high depends on the stocks you buy. You may have the opportunity to earn a considerable return there.

Buy sell stock market

Investment fund

Collect all the funds from you and other investors then invest the money in securities such as stocks, bonds, and so on.

To sum up, it suggests everyone do financial planning at least can know yourself financial situation. Therefore, you can plan your future life better, to avoid bad financial problems happen.

The bottom line

Any investment must be risky. In the worst, you may lose all your principal.

Therefore, you should first measure your risk tolerance before investing. Invest rashly 

And we don’t suggest you invest rashly before you understand the products you are investing in.

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