Anxiety About Future Career? You Shouldn't Be Defined By Others

Looking for a job in the newspaper

Most people feel helpless and anxious when facing a big choice, especially during graduation. Keep study for the next degree, or planning your career path, once you choose that will influence your whole life.

In fact, your anxiety comes from fear about the unknown future, people especially those who not confident or without enough ability, most of them will feel anxious.

Those anxious may miss the best choice because hesitating too long well. Therefore, you should know what you want first then when you face a choice, you can decisively choose what right for you.

To ensure you can catch the right future, you should ask yourself some questions to awake your mind.

1. Continuous study or not?

High school graduation is the one important milestone of most people, whether you are continuing study or start working, you should consider it seriously.

There can be lots of reasons that people study at universities, such as because of a dream or interest, strengthen professional knowledge, or someone else wants a high certificate to get a better job and revenue.

To be honest, get a higher degree certificate will give you the positive effect only, so why you reject to do this?

Not all people can afford the university fees

Some people may give up studying because of the fees, especially university. Except you get a full scholarship, you may need to work first if your family not that rich can afford the fees.

Can’t get the offer from your goal’s university

For sure that, students all want to get an offer for the famous university, however, not all students succeed. Some students may go to work if they failed, then exam next year again.

Don’t like to study or not good at study

That’s the most people why they go to work instead of study. Even give them the best condition, it would be wasted if they haven’t intended to study.

Therefore, they should early plan the career path when high school graduated, then get a suitable job. The career promotion may be hard for them, but at least you earn money early than others.

Moreover, they can through on-job study or university to get a higher certificate and degree in order to get a better job offer if their career paths can’t promotion anymore.

Not everyone good at study

Ensure the university that’s you want

Not all universities are equal, there are good and bad too. I am not to said that you should go to the best one, but you shouldn’t waste time to go a bad university except you only want a certificate.

Hopefully, you are studying because of your goal and dream, not because of wanna escape from reality (such as not willing to work).

Don’t take a bias of someone’s success, think they can succeed because they have higher certificates and degrees, you never know how much they paid.

Your university life can be easy nor either hard. You can catch the chance, prepare for your future in order to get succeed. In reverse, you can party every day, your future may pay for it.

What's your plan of you future?

2. This is what you want?

We heard many voices when we were growing, people such as parents and teachers instill their opinion to us, tell us the information about the world.

As a long time goes, they may think we grow the same opinion as them, we finally being the person who they want. However, that’s not your own think and opinion.

You will never find your mind if you can’t conquer this problem. Finally, you are probably like a robot, might follow whose order continuously working till dying.

You shouldn’t live in other’s voices, you listened enough, you should believe your intuition, follow your feeling then you will find your mind.

To pursue your dream

Follow your intuition to start define yourself, that’s the beginning of your real life, you will find what you want soon, then achieve it.

I know what I want, but I haven’t the budget to achieve it, what should I do? Therefore, my first goal is wealth freedom, no money I can do nothing at all. I need to reach my goal first before my dream.

As you find your dream, that’s not a good idea to focus on it if you can’t afford your dream. You need a stable income or wealth freedom to support your dream.

Happy to get success

3. Afraid of failure

Once you suffered betrayal, you will understand the value of loyalty. You will know how essential to listen to other’s voices if someone else ignores your voice. Same logic, you will know about the value of success if you get failed.

Whether you are wanna or not, these will happen soon or later in your life. Your life won’t be well all the time, sometimes may go badly, life not only exists ups also with downs.

You want to try something, but you are scared about failure, you just think instead of action. You may get ridiculed if you are failed, but why you care about them?

You should ignore those who ridicule you, they are jealous of you to try what they don’t dare to. They don’t want you to succeed because you will live better than them.

Failure isn’t always a bad thing

Every failure you suffered, brings you valuable experience and lessons, paves the way for your success. Therefore, as long as you try again and again, you may succeed.

Failure is always the norm, how many people can once get succeed? 99% of people must be slowly from countless failures to success.

Ok, you said that you are the lucky 1%, but your success came too suddenly, you don’t understand that success is hard-won, you will suffer failure very soon.

This kind of failure will often make you helpless, because you don’t have the mentality to withstand failure.

Moreover, people who never give up from failure to success have an indestructible will, which is one of the keys to their success.

When your life reach the down place, stay at your comfort zone then adjust your mind

4. Do what you interested in or not

People in certain fields are easier to raise and become famous than others. But, are you sure that choose which you aren’t interested to do?

Someone said that’s good for you, the salary is high, and the raise also good, you should do that. However, you won’t feel happy at all, that’s not what your mind wants.

To be honest, whatever you do, interested or not both of them probably can get failure. Consequently, why don’t you do something you like, do you?

Do what want can help you hold enthusiasm rather than horror, you will be positive, look forward to the future coming.

In reverse, force yourself to do what you aren’t interested in, you may be negative instead, also it will affect your health if you keep a negative long time. 

All your choices combine are the outcome of your life

I can bet with you that when you recall your whole life, the memory you most remember and unforgettable is the different choices at various stages of your life.

Life’s full of ups and downs because of your choices, you will find that you are what your choices made.

By the way, your life is one-time only. As a result, try to do more something you like, even you are creepy. Don’t stop because of the rumors, don’t regret your choices.

Andrew Ryan Quotes We all make choices but in the end our choices make us.
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