Why Do Some People Learn Faster Than Others?

Several friends study together

When you are learning or study something new, whether it is the job required, your boss’s request, or you are trying to increase your skills, you may find that someone always learn faster than you? Most of you may blame that they are talented than us. In all honesty, such an idea is somewhat irresponsible.

There are lots of learning method can help people study more efficiently. Why others can learning faster? In essence, the efficiency of the other side in all aspects they are totally better than you, whether it is the efficiency of time use, the speed of reading, etc., the distance between you and others is obviously shown by these factors.

In order to study more faster and effective, we must focus on various aspects and improve them as soon as possible.

Study make us stronger

1. Self-discipline

If a person can be self-disciplined, that means you will naturally do something, no matter there are something happens. For example, you have arranged yourself that study at 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm every night, you will stop whatever you do every day when 10 pm to 11 pm, then entry your reading time.

What are the benefits of doing this?

(1) In the long run, you will develop a habit.

(2) Your reading efficiency will increased.

People who had successful on business or whatever, all of them almost have their custom self-discipline, such as going to run at 6 o’clock every morning. Most of them wake up early, whether they are reading or arranging their schedule of a day, they won’t wasted their time to be lazy, because they have planned already, what do they do after wake up, that’s also the use of self-discipline. 

Why are you learning slower than others? Because their time use efficiency are totally higher than you. Self-discipline is a good way to improve your efficiency of time using.

Book is the best friend who wants to learn more knowledge and succeed

2. Amplify your existing knowledge to allow you to accumulate your learning speed

What is “existing knowledge“? It is the amount of knowledge that has accumulated in our brains.

When people who read lots of books, his/her reading efficiency will get more better; if his/her reading efficiency is better, he/she can read more books. Therefore, someone can read one book in an hour, but you need two hours at all. A key factor may be that his/her “existing knowledge” has accumulated a lot than you.

Suppose you are reading a book about psychology, the psychology student must read faster than you, because he has accumulated a lot of knowledge about psychology, he know most of proper nouns you don’t understand, it caused your reading time slower than him.

So, how do you improve your existing knowledge? The simple way is keep reading, when you can self-discipline to reading for one hour every night, the accumulation of “existing knowledge” will become very impressive in the long run.

Not everyone good at study

3, Using tools to increase your learning efficiency

One of the characteristics of people who are learning fast, they are good at using technology software. Whether it’s through the Knowledge App to increase their knowledge, or tools to help them solve their work problems. To be a master of learning, you must learn how to use tool.

working time

4. Learn from the master

Herd Behavior” means that people will be willing make friend with elite, then elite will ask elite to join their group, which will have a positive effect, making more and more elite in the team. .

Why do smart people always like to be with smart people? Because the high level of communication can make them learning fast. In addition, you can learn more things you don’t know within the communication. Join a high quality groups or close with the smart people is a good way to improve your learning speed.

Team working for a project

5. Find a coach to take you to see farther

A person who doesn’t understand anything, after effort, he can able to do something, then he can think and learn independently, finally he can find a solution when he encounters a problem. Sometimes, this is a long process, and someone may not even achieve it.

Finding a “coach” like he tells you what is the most professional practice directly. Even though you may not understand why you doing this first time, as time goes on, you know lots of things, you will understand someday. A professional coach is basically to shorten the process of your study and let you reach the “professional” area faster.

Teach a kid knowledge

In summary, a person who learns slower than the others, it can’t be attributed that to the simple superficial factor, they are smarter than you. The most likely reason is that you may lose in all aspects, when all things combined, it will cause huge gap between you and others.

Imagine someone who is better than you in all of the following:

(1) He is very self-disciplined, so the time using more effective than you.

(2) He reading hundreds more books than you, it let him read faster than you.

(3) He use trivial time to learn knowledge for the App, the accumulated of time will show you the gaps.

(4) Always stay with the smart people and learning different new things.

(5) A professional coach who shortens the process of his studies.

In the above cases, the learning speed between you and him, of course you absolutely will lose. However, these methods are not impossible to achieve, you can step by step to learn these methods, then your learning speed will increasing obviously.

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