How To Fix Your XML Sitemaps Not Updated

Fix xml sitemaps not updated

Website’s XML sitemaps don’t update is a common issue, you should wait several days to a week before you consider whether you are encountering that problem.

We don’t waste time, according to the problem, we provide two solutions to resolve the different situations.

1. Some pages never index

As you face that problem like your website XML sitemaps still are updating but some pages missed, your XML sitemaps never crawl it, you can follow below step to manually crawl it by yourself.

For Google search engine:

Go Google search console > URL inspection > enter the page link you want to crawl > request indexing

Manual index your url in google console

For Bing/Yahoo search engine:

Go Bing Webmaster Tools > URL inspection > enter the page link you want to crawl > request indexing

You can manual index url through webmaster tools

Wait for a minute, then your page is crawled already by Google/Bing/Yahoo, you can search your page by site:link.

Noticed that the page just indexed, normally, the keyword search wouldn’t find your link. It required time to process and your effort about SEO.

2. The whole XML sitemaps never updating

Once the sitemap updated successfully, it’s merely the first step of your website’s real running. For ensuring the sitemap working well, you should check it once in a while.

Why you should check sitemap?

If your sitemap stops updated, no matter how great your new contents are, no one will see your effort at all. Because no one can find it on the search engine.

I remember when I first time building a website, I updated the sitemap to a search engine then disregard it. Finally, it’s stop updated a half-year before I find most of the pages no index at the search engine, which means I waste a half-year to get traffics. Therefore, sitemap maintenance is important.

A. For Google Search Engine

Normally, the problem happens because your plugins stop update the XML sitemap. Especially use the SEO plugin sitemaps function, I don’t know the pro version, but the free version would delay even never update the XML sitemaps.

The internet solution told you to turn off the function then turn it on again will work fine. If you wait for a week, it does not work yet, I recommend you:

1. Turn of the SEO plugin sitemap function

2. Install Google XML Sitemaps plugin

3. Delete all your Google Search Console sitemaps

How to remove your sitemap in google console

4. Add your new sitemaps by the Google XML Sitemaps plugin

About 2 – 4 days, the sitemaps will work great and update on time, always every 1 – 3 days the sitemaps will update one time, it’s work for me.

B. For Bing/Yahoo Search Engine

Bing Webmaster Tools very weird, there are more than half of the URLs on your sitemaps they wouldn’t crawl.

Therefore, they provide URLs submission for people who required it, you can manually submit 10 URLs per day.

To be honest, it wastes time cost, recently they provide auto URLs submission API but most people don’t know how to use it, right?

How to solved it?

1. Delete all Bing webmaster Tools sitemaps you had submitted

How to remove your sitemap in webmaster tools

2. Install Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

3. Open the XML Sitemaps link

4. Copy each sub-sitemap link inside the XML sitemaps

Copy sitemap link submit to bing webmaster tools

5. Submit all sub-sitemap links to the Bing Webmaster Tools

Normally, they will approve the sitemaps after several minutes, some will need time to process.

This method only can use on Google XML Sitemaps Plugin, because it provided detailed sub-sitemaps for each month. The search engine will update the content within the month sub-sitemap which you are submitted.

It saves lots of time because you don’t need to through URLs submission submit content every time, you can submit the sub-sitemap to update and ensure the sitemap is running well monthly.

In conclusion, SEO plugins provide sitemaps function, it’s convenient but you should always check the status of your sitemaps, some SEO plugins sitemaps update slowly even not update, you should be careful.

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