Why It is Harder To Have Happiness As You Grew

Are you really happy?

What is happiness?

Happiness is a kind of human spiritual pleasure and satisfaction, the comfortable felt from the inside out. An analogy of the happy state of people.

Are you happy?

Even you smile or laugh, your faces look happy, it can’t explain you are happy anymore, especially for an adult. Most people know how to fake smile or laugh as they grow, also hide their feeling inside their hearts.

Therefore, it’s hard to know people really feel happy or not nowadays. You aren’t possible to show your real feeling to everyone, you probably will get hurt or deceive if you do that.

Happiness can be many ways, you can feel happy because of a small thing, also you can feel happy because nothing, only you know your happiness.

Why people lost their inner happiness as grow up?

Happiness is very simple in childhood, such as play with others, expect the next holiday, sleep until waking naturally, and even your crush talks to you, you will feel really happy.

Those little things that seem insignificant in childhood. However, as you grow, it brings such unforgettable throbbing to you if you thought back, it’s vividly.

In reverse, all your happiness seems to be linked to the desired if you grew. Such as you get a raise, date with someone, or go to travel.

This kind of happiness doesn’t seem to be real happiness, it is fleeting and once it is gone, your brain needs a new desire to satisfy.

Sometimes, we need to rest and get some fun, the right amount of small happiness is like a regulator, it can make you keep going and further in life.

However, you should be careful, once you are addicted to these pleasures and can’t extricate, keep repeating these joys, then you may lose yourself.

Walk inside the darkness and loneliness

Nowadays entertainment is everywhere

Too much entertainment (small happiness) will numb your ego, which will make your emotions not that easy to be aroused and to be happy.

You may feel your life so meaningless. Gradually, you will forget your goals, and give up the pursuit of real happiness. As a result, you lose your soul, you look like a zombie.

For example, for people who love to play games, the requirements for games quality will become higher and higher when they being the expert.

Play games won’t give them too much happiness after play too many games at all. Instead, the happiness you feel will become less and less.

Additionally, their feeling of accomplishment will suddenly disappear after they beat the game, and they will feel emptiness coming soon.

In order to fill the emptiness, people will find more games to obtain happiness. It will become harder for them to feel happy as soon.

Finally, finding things that can make you happy become really really hard. This is why people are difficult to be happy as they grow up.

Playing computer game

Dull and long daily work causes people negatived

It’s the greatest unhappiness if you don’t like your state of life. Whenever I think if I don’t make some changes, I will be those people who wake up earlier, drive/take the subway through the city.

Then doing the dull work until day end. What is waiting for you isn’t the things that you are expected, there is no expectation.

Your life looks stagnant that lacks changes. The dull work occupied most of the time of day, you are difficult to release your negative feeling. Finally, living becomes harder to be happy as long gone.

Of course, some people will happier as they grew, it probably because these people have found a life that suits them.

Dull workday

Where’s happiness coming from?

Happiness comes from your mind, do what you want, be who you want to be, not what others want to see. That seems easy but really hard as well.

No matter commonplace life, power, or wealth. As long as your life suits your values, you will feel quite satisfied. Therefore, I think contentment can be better describe adults instead of happiness.

Your unhappiness may be caused by you want too much, which brings the pressure you bear with. Consequently, the problem still related to money, money almost dominated the majority of our living nowadays. 

Money can’t buy happiness, it probably isn’t the source of happiness. But money can help you solve most of part of your living problems.

To be honest, it could rid you out of a life you don’t want and give you more choices than others. Enough wealth is needed if you want to pursue what you want.

People who are really happy will enjoy the life that they find meaningful. If you want to make your life to be meaningful, then try to get more, longer, and deeper joys in life.

You will see the sunrise after persist and effort


Everyone is pursuing happiness. Some pursue money (materialism), some pursue love, some pursue achievement, and some pursue health.

To sum up, all these pursuits are trying to meet the goals that are set in our deep minds. Once satisfied, this is what we call happiness.

In fact, it is impossible to live in happiness anytime. Your requirements and goals for yourself will be higher and higher. You need to finish your next and next next goal if you want more contentment.

This is why people say that you are harder to be happy as you grew. In my thought, this is a good thing, keep pursuing happiness, it means you are still alive.

Life is short, if you have lost the motivation to chase happiness, then life won’t have much meaning.

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