Is Arthritis Related To Being Overweight?

Your knees always feel painful? You may have arthritis

Studies have shown that obesity are three times more likely to develop arthritis than normal-weight people, while people who are generally fat are twice as likely to develop arthritis. Nonetheless, the relationship between overweight and arthritis needs to be further confirmed.

Fat people have completely different exercise habits compared to normal weight people, so the reverse tension of muscle and fascia will also be different, which has not been considered in the study. The blind spot is that when people look for the cause, they often focus on the known category and draw conclusions from it, the real reason is ignored.

This study concluded a rather embarrassing conclusion: “I have arthritis because I am too fat.” However, this is not true, patients do not need weight loss to get rid of arthritis, you just need 1 year or several months.

Why are overweight easily suffer arthritis than the average person?

Answer is simple. Fat people absolutely do exercise less than normal-weight people, in addition, their joints’ movement angles will be limited as a result by lack of exercise. In this way, it is not surprising that the reverse tension of the muscles and fascia will affect their live even become chronic diseases. 

Finally, the extra weight on the body makes them difficult to move even walking, the arthritis will easily issued concluded all the situation.

Obesity will affect the knees

Does age affect arthritis?

Regular medicine considers age as an important factor affecting arthritis, because the number of people with arthritis obviously increase with age. However, when we talk about the influence of weight on arthritis, we have indirectly proved that age is not the critical factor.

The main factor is that as patients get older, their joints movement is limited by the angle, the amount of exercise also less than before, therefore the tightness of patients’s muscles and fascia will increased.

The conclusion is that most of arthritis caused by lack of exercise and muscles streching, the symptoms can be improved through exercise.

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