It's Worth Being A Web Designer? What You Should Know Before Started.

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If you want to build a website, that’s not difficult nowadays, you even don’t need to know any code, just search how to build a website, there are billions of results that teach you to step by step build your website. I also wrote one, you can read it here.

Content management system such as WordPress is the most popular website builder, people can use a free template or buy one to quickly build up their site. The template still rigid, lots of setting you can’t change at all, HTML and CSS needed to use when you design.

In recent years, visual editors such as Elementor can help the user directly edit the template through drag and drop. It solved lots of users website development problem, flexible design, and no code required, it made the software become popular.

Therefore, people can easily build up a website just for small money, that’s the reason why the internet information boom, anyone can easily release their content through blog, website, and social media.

How to be a web designer?

To be a web designer, the threshold becomes lower as you imagine, anyone who knows how to build a website, they are a web designer too.

As people can build websites themselves, what’s will happen?

The whole web design market environment will change, the supply over demand. Due to the web designer quality uneven, that’s also causing consumer confidence to lower and lower. 

Web design career salary is substantial (average annual salary 60,000 USD in 2021), people are willing to be web design if they can. As a freelancer, zero customers is normal, most of them already quit, what you saw on the internet, they are top-seller at all. Therefore, you can imagine how intensely competitive this industry.

Do you love your job?

If you want to find a web designer job, that’s still fine, you are worth to keep learning how to be a good web designer. However, if you want to be a freelancer like someone else to get incredible income, I don’t want to make you disappointed, but it’s the hardest.

Like a freelancer to get lots of customers, that’s not about your design skill, marketing is the main point. How to promote yourself, get people’s attention could be important than the skill you understand.

Back to the current, deal with code (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) become not that important except for the large websites. Most SMEs and people who needed a website especially portfolio websites, more care about art design.

A successful freelance web designer they more likely an influencer, not recommended to invest the whole mind doing freelance web designer. Don’t be sad, there are still lots of ways can make money online, you can read here.

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