Know-how To Step By Step Build Your First Website Completely

Build your website

With the development of the internet, you almost don’t need to know any knowledge about coding if you want to build a website. That’s not a joke, almost everyone can build their website without difficulty.

I will use my simple words to let you know how to step by step achieved to establish a website easily as your imagination. Let’s go!

1. Your website’s purpose

Ask yourself three times, what’s your purpose to build a website? Start writing a blog? E-commerce or business? Just for fun?

According to your purpose, the website building and operating will be different, you aren’t better to change your website direction, once you add enough content and get traffic.

Your big transform could be hurt your website ranking, your visitors also will decrease because of the content change.

If you really want to change the website direction, you should build another website rather than suddenly change your current website direction.

Therefore, your website’s goal will affect your website’s long-term development, ask yourself the purpose of building website is important.

2. Choose domain name

Domain Name can affect your SEO result. It’s like your brand lets people who remember you, for example, you search apple, the SEO result at the first rather the fruit apple information.

Therefore, think about your domain name, try to make it short, simple, and catchy, this is the one successful secret of many well-known websites.

However, most of the simple words domain name about .com already registered by others, you can try .org, .net, .online, or other domain. According to the domain servers, the price you pay will be different.

You can check & buy your domain name on those sites:

a. Namecheap – you can buy the domains for a lower price there as$0.88, offered free privacy forever, and free email.

b. GoDaddy – The most popular and biggest one domain registrar, but I don’t recommend to use it, because they had a data breach this year.

By the way, some hosting servers will offer a free domain name for a year if you buy their hosting plan, you can hold your domain name until you go to buy the hosting service.

Price about buy a domain name

3. Choose hosting server

You need a web hosting service to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web, therefore, you can show your website on the internet.

Of course, you need some budget to buy a host server, there are over 330,000 web hosting providers around the world, in order to let you more easily understand web hosting services, there are separated two categories of web hosting providers.

a. Web hosting

The web hosting company only rents out host services and technologies. For example, Siteground  Dreamhost and Bluehost, they are the official web hosting recommendation by WordPress.

In order to build a website, you need to install WordPressJoomla!, and so on. Otherwise, you can simply upload static website code written in HTML, JAVA, PHP to the cPanel (cPanel is your web hosting control panel).

If you haven’t any coding knowledge, WordPress is the best choice from you.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system, you can set up, design, and add content through WordPress to build your website.

Most of the website is built on WordPress, and it is one of most users preferred choices. WordPress powers more than 30% of the websites present on the Internet.

For using WordPress, choose a good web hosting is important  WordPress haven’t it’s own customer service, so customer services of your hosting are important.

When you face problems, you haven’t found any useful solution on the search engine, you can ask your web host customer service to help you solved.

Why do people love to use WordPress?

Because you entirely own your website, and you can manage everything within your website through WordPress. 

b. Hosted website builder

They are the one-stop web hosting provider such as WixWeebly, and Shopify.

They provide the entire services when you start to build your website until published, you don’t need to leave the hosting website, all process can be finished in their website system.

The companies bundle the host services, technologies, and website builder system. You can only use their website builder to build your website.

You can set up, design, and add content through the website builder, there are without any code, the process to build a website become simple, fast, and convenient than WordPress.

However, all the content manage inside the web hosting system, you lose some authority of your website. Moreover, the plugins and functions limited by the website builder, you probably cannot do what you want to do.

Most of the hosted website builder offered free plan to build a website, you can try is it comfortable for you.

Small knowledge about WordPress

You will find out that there are and existing on the internet, so what’s different?

When people say WordPress that always refer to, the free and open-source content management system. Otherwise, is a hosted website builder company. They both can use to build a website.

Wordpress always refer to, and it's not equal

4. Connect domain name to a web host (if necessary)

When you buy a hosting server, there are lots of web hosting providers and lots of plans you can choose.

If your plan doesn’t include a free domain name, you can buy immediately on the web hosting provider you choose.

Otherwise, if you already buy the domain name in a different place, you need to connect the domain name to your web hosting server.

Different web hosting company has a different way to connect, the company and search engine search results have the complete guideline can help you, therefore, I don’t show you how to do it, it’s not difficult but spends time to process.

5. Install WordPress (if necessary)

 Most of web hosting provides one-click install WordPress nowadays, you just need to find out the install WordPress button on your hosting, then click it, it’s very convenient.

6. Choose theme template

You can use the free template provided by WordPress or the website builder you used if you don’t that much care about the template outlook and performance.

However, if you want a perfect, beautiful, and functional template, you can buy a template to use. There are lots of web place selling templates, you can go such as ThemeForest to get a look if you are looking forward to a template.

WordPress add themes page

On the other hand, if you want to DIY your website, but you don’t know any coding knowledge and the WordPress content editing function not friendly to you, I recommend you install the plugin called Elementor.

Elementor is the page builder (WordPress only), after installing one of them you get the visual, drag-and-drop Interfaces, you can use the plugin to DIY your own theme whatever header, footer, posts, and pages.

The detailed style options and responsive design settings give you are incredible WordPress experience. Moreover, they provide you 100+ diversity template, you just need one click the template will install inside your website, also you can use these template DIY your own style page and post whatever.

7. Website configuration

Wow, your website is almost done. For the first time configuration, you should go to the setting to check the attribute, which setting would be better or helpful.

Then go to the plugins install the useful plugin. It can be said that no plugin, your website isn’t complete. Because some plugins already installed by default. For example, Siteground has it’s an independent plugin called SG Optimizer, it’s already installed after you one-click install WordPress.

Therefore, some plugins are necessary in order to run the website, know which plugins must be installed are the subject for the beginners. For example, an E-commerce business website required a payment system and product system, so the Woocommerce plugin is necessary for this kind of website.

Wordpress add new plugins page

8. Add content

The final step to build a website is to add content, therefore, add page or post to write something inside your website, please.

Some pages are necessary before your website publishing, such as homepage, about us, contact, and privacy policy.

A website mainly constitutes by page and post. If you have high-quality content and the content accumulated enough, your website will be bigger and bigger, that’s all creator wish.

Wordpress add content

9. Get traffic

Congratulations, you build a website successfully, what are you feeling now?

I don’t want to blow your confidence, unfortunately, I need to tell you that build a website is simple, but making visitor browsing your website are difficult than you imagine.

The main and forever topic for all website owners, how to get traffics to boom their website. In order to get traffics, you have lots of things to learn requirement.

WordPress analytics your website traffic

10. Earn money (if necessary)

To be honest, most of the people who run a website because they want to make money through the website.

There are lots of ways you can earn money if your website has good traffics, such as advertising, affiliate marketing, sell products, and so on.

You don’t need to bother about how to earn, people will come to you if your website gets famous.

Online income is possible for everyone

All right, the website build tutorial ended here. It’s very easy to build a website nowadays, however, how to grow up your website is the other thing.

There are about 2 billion websites around the world, approximately 400 million are active, and approximately 380 new websites are created every minute.

To sum up, the internet is the trend of the world, to build a website whatever you do business or individual reason if you know how to explore it, there are lots of potentials waiting for you.

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