Too Much Exercise Is Bad For Your Health

Back training time

Many people may misunderstandings the time of workout, someone may think that the longer exercise they do, the better they gain.

In order to achieve a better result, someone workout hours in the gym room a day.

The senior fitness coach found that for those who stayed in the gym room for several hours, the workout performance wasn’t as good as those who exercise for only an hour.

About aerobic exercise

For moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, the proportion of fat supply the workout you do will increases with time, which means that the longer you workout, the more fat you lose.

In the aerobic exercise for about 30 minutes, the fatty acid content in the blood reached the highest point, and the fat supply ratio also reached the highest.

Therefore, it is recommended that moderate-intensity aerobic exercise be maintained for 30 minutes at least.

Running with friend

High-intensity aerobic exercise consumes a lower proportion of fat, so people who aim to reduce fat should less doing it, it’s good for muscle builder but not weight loss.

For example, we are running: when the running reaches about 30 minutes, our body begins to burn fat efficient. When the time reaches an hour, our body may start consuming the protein of our muscle to supply the workout energy. After one and a half hours of aerobic time will definitely consume our protein to provide power.

About strength training

Strength training mainly consumes glycogen energy, and the proportion of fat-consuming is low. However, this is not to say that strength training can’t lose weight.

During the workout, the fat-burning ability of aerobic exercise is significantly better than strength training.

But the fat-burning effect of strength training lasts for a long time, and finally exceeds low-intensity training within 24 hours.

From this perspective, sometimes half an hour of strength training may be better than an hour of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise.

Weightlifting the massive barbells

No matter what exercise, too much is bad for health

The result not necessarily better if you do too much exercise at one time because the proportion of protein consumption will increase.

When exercise time too long, your body fat still burning, and muscle loss too. As the muscles are reduced, the body’s basal metabolism will drop, and it will be difficult to lose weight then.

Too much exercise can cause lots of lactic acid to accumulate inside your body, causing muscle fatigue, soreness, and cramps. Muscle strain will easily happen too.

Moreover, your muscle protein will lose, making skin oxidation faster which means you will age faster and look older. Therefore, exercise also requires a combination of work and rest.

How long should you exercise in a day?

If your goal is weight loss, you can do moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, recommended for 40 minutes to 60 minutes.

The other way to weight loss, you can do strength training first, then aerobic exercise for about 30 minutes.

For people who want muscle training, you can do more strength training, about 30 minutes each time. How long you need to exercise depends on your goals.

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