Why Some People Prefer Regret Rather Than Failure?

Ponder in the darkside

In the workplace, you may encounter various situations, such as uncoordinated colleagues, malicious insults, rumours, etc. If you can overcome these problems, face the difficulties, and never give up, then success is not far away for you.

Many people often use “if” to get rid of frustration and failure:

  • “If I knew I was do this, I will study hard before.”
  • “If I knew the event big like this, I will prepare early.”
  • “If I knew you were such a person, I shouldn’t be with you.”


 In short, there are many people who are used to regretting and complaining, but few are willing to accept their failure.

So, why some people prefer regret rather than failure?

Joseph Campbell Quotes Regrets are illuminations come too late.

1. Regret is futile

There may be a group of people around you, they are born pessimists, whether they are discussing work, performing tasks, or reviewing afterwards, they most often say:

  • “You absolutely can’t do this.”
  • “If I know you will do this, I shouldn’t have taken this job.”
  • “If you listened to me, it can be like this worst, don’t you?

They will always repeatedly nag a few seemingly correct and useless nonsense, which is nothing but a self-consolation regret. There is no button in life to undo the operation.

So why do some people become pessimists and even express their views with regret?

Pessimism can alleviate the frustration of reality.
Frustrated people what they see in the world is all of frustration.

When they live and work with this attitude, once tragedy and doom really happen, because it’s in anticipation, they will feel less painful about the losses.

Psychologists call this phenomenon “defensive” pessimism. Although pessimism psychologically feels that it can alleviate pain, it also produces a habitual regret mentality, which frequently causes yourself and others to fall into an inexplicable negative. Finally, you spent a whole life in the tragedy of self-presupposition.

It is not difficult to understand why there are some people who always do nothing, they often find various reasons for their excuses and regrets, give themselves a chance to climb down. However, once you are used to climb down, you will difficult to climb up again.

Quotes The price of failure is high, but the price of regret is higher.

2. The price of failure is high, but the price of regret is higher

2021 is a year full of variables. The emergence of the coronavirus(COVID-19) has filled the entire world with uncertainty. Even our workplace have never been too safe and stable.

Because of the emergence of coronavirus, the economic crisis, stock market and oil prices plummeted, so many companies face bankruptcy, many people are facing unemployment.

However, the pace of time and life will not stop because of the individual’s fall. The person who should run forward is still running, and the person who laments life has been lamenting.

The biggest cost of failure is simply fall, you can climb again.
The cost of regret is a double loss of time and confidence.

Recently, I met a friend in the workplace. He complained that he wanted to change jobs but had not found a better one. He wanted to do business, but it’s not the good time to do that. He wanted to be promotion, but not enough of ability….. In a word, you want to do everything, but do nothing, which is a waste of time and energy.

There is a concept of “sunk costs” in economics:

Sunk costs is the costs and expenses already incurred, it’s also called fixed costs.

Some people know that this job is not suitable for themselves, but they are reluctant to give up their initial contributions. As a result, in an unsuitable environment, they complained that they were not valued, while wasting time to stay where they were.

Calm down, keep your mind clear and not emotional, it is always the most sober expression of a person. If you can’t do that, you should always pay a high cost for your regretful behaviour.

Don’t cry for what you have lost now, and don’t regret the frustration of the moment. Being able to control the loss to a minimum is another kind of success.

Quotes Unwilling to face failure, because you don’t understand the meaning of failure.

3. Unwilling to face failure, because you don’t understand the meaning of failure

Many people often overlook that the success of a person is not necessarily inevitable. It may also be accidental in a greater probability, the attribution of accidental success can easily make the mistake of “Survivorship Bias“.

We don’t really need to be so resistant to failure. Because failure itself is a high probability event, whether it is from the enterprise to the individual, from the family to the workplace, failure and risk are everywhere.

Back to myself, I think I am a case of continuous failure. From writing articles and running the website to the present, the number of visitor per month is only a few thousand. If the standard is “a website with million views per month”, I definitely a loser.

Absolutely someone will say that I don’t know how to cater to the market, and what I write can’t become money, then so what? For the time being, you cannot see that gain is not failure, the self-doubt and no dare to face reality are really failures.

Life is a long process, the opportunity and risk go hand in hand, success is often accompanied by failure. People who are unwilling to face one or two failures may not see the side of success.

Quotes Fear is temporary, regret is forever.

4. Fear is temporary, regret is forever

In 2021, I know many people have a hard time and suffering, but this is not what I want to say today, what I want to say is:

The pain of regret looks more like a spiritual self-consolation, it can never save your life.

The suffering of failure will temporarily make you feel humiliated, someone mocked you, looked on and do nothing. However, it’s also a turning point for self-reflection and rise. One is temporary mental paralysis, one is subversive self-awakening.

If you would rather suffer from regret, maybe you will be in a better mood, maybe able to alleviate the present pain. Unfortunately, the problem cannot be solved yet, the distress and frustration still there. As your habitual regrets become more and more overlapping, and slowly extend to your entire life, then even defeat you, this is what a person fails most.

Instead, there is always someone who willing to choose to endure the hardships of failure, and those who are willing to spend time to take a long journey, often face failure and constantly awaken themselves until they reach the end of life.

In the face of a long life, which one would you choose to do?

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