Why is SEO Important? Search Engine Wouldn't Show You All Results

Don't expect search results to list your website that someone can find

People always said that search engine optimization (SEO) is important for website traffic and ranking. Even you do all your best, no one can find your website probably because of the intense ranking competition.

Search engines won’t show all results

Don’t expect search engines to at least list your website on the search results that someone may find you whatever. To be honest, nobody will find your website.

Have you ever search some word get a billion results on a search engine especially on Google? Then you can’t find the websites that match what you want, so you keep going to the next page.

Even it told you there are billion of results you get, However, as you reach about 15 to 40 pages on the search results, it won’t show you the next page anymore.

Why search engines don’t show more results

Most people will read the search result on the first page, even some read the top one only. These behaviors caused the 99.999% results not necessary.

Search engines also know that, so they only show the best results, no one cares about the redundant results by the way.

On the other hand, reduce the redundant results and only show the best, can save search engines resources when loading data and increase search speeding.

The maximum search results page you can go around 20 to 40

What’s bad for the website owner

No matter how many competitors compete in the ranking, search engines only will show the best match results of 150 to 300 by the way.

The popular website holds the top place anywhere, whatever the information is correct or not, you will see them on the first page.

Therefore, a small or new website owner is hard to find by others, even do all the best on SEO.

For common user

It’s not the search engine that users thought anymore. Users may hard to find what they want, the search results quality is lower and lower nowadays.

Search engines said that you can use the different keywords to get the results you want, however, some similar keywords finally result usually similar, still these popular websites.

Moreover, most of the results are irrelevant to the keywords you enter after you browse several pages of the keywords you search.

Some users love to browse small or new websites, find some interesting places to stay. However, it’s hard to find them anymore, the popular big websites are dominated the search results.

You always can see these big websites top of the ranking on search engines, even you change the keywords, they are still top-ranking there, it’s not what you really want to search.

The bottom line

The era of freedom on the internet is gone forever, even there are tons of information that exist on the internet, you only can see what search engines want you to see.

The popular big websites through the algorithm occupied any keyword’s top position. Advertisement is more even everywhere.

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