Understand The Oils Smoke Point Can Prevent Cancer

Cooking reach to the smoke point

Most of the dietary contain oils whatever animal fats or plant oils. The oils have different smoke points, you will probably suffer health problems if you don’t know the smoke point.

What is a smoke point?

A smoke point refers to the lowest temperature at which the heated oil starts to produce smoke that can be visible.

Moreover, oils will produce harmful especially carcinogens when the oil’s temperature exceeds its smoke point. Carcinogens can cause people to suffer cancer at higher risk.

Therefore, depending on different cooking temperatures, the cook should choose the right oil to use.

Different oils have different smoke points

Each type of oil has a different smoking point and composition, according to its extraction methods, grades, and mixing ratios.

So, it’s difficult to summarize all oil smoke points in detail, we will introduce 5 oils below hope them can help you better know about smoke point.

1. Soybean oil

It’s a vegetable oil extracted from soybeans, also known as one of the most common cooking oils that most people use in the world.

The price of soybean oil is friendly that people can afford, and its smoke point is about 234°C, can suitable for most cooking especially stir-fry. 

Furthermore, it’s not recommended to always intake soybean oil, because it contains around 55% omega-6 fatty acids which mean over intake could easily cause body inflammation.


2. Linseed oil

Also known as flaxseed oil, the smoke point is about 107°C. It’s the low-temperature oil that isn’t suitable for high-temperature cooking such as frying.

Normally, people use it for salad, poach, or dressing after cook, which ensures lower than 100°C. It’s good for heart health, reduces inflammation, improves constipation and diarrhea.

3. Butter

Most animal fats are saturated, but their smoke point wouldn’t necessarily higher than plant oils. By the way, butter is a gift for baking that is widely used in this area.

To express the butter smell, someone said it was like cheese, and some said it was like plastic, so you can know that not all people like butter.

The regular butter isn’t 100% pure fat, also contains water and solid milk, its smoke point is about 150°C. However, it shouldn’t cook over 100°C because the water inside will evaporation make it char.

The other one is clarified butter,  the real butter only contains pure fat, its smoke point is about 250°C. It’s suitable for any cooking as well.

Even butter is good for health, but it’s not recommended over intake. According to its fat is saturated, exceeds intake could increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


4. Sesame oil

Compare to other oils, sesame oil smells fragrant, most people like to add some to foods such as soup, noodles, and porridge to increase the flavor, fragrance, and taste.

There are two types of sesame oil sales at the market with different smoke points. One is the unrefined sesame oil about 177°C, the other one is semirefined about 232°C.

About nutrition, it’s very good for health such as prevent aging, cardiovascular diseases, and constipation.

5. Olive oil

Olive oil is rich in omega-9 which has antioxidant properties and functions to maintain cardiovascular health. Its high nutrition can better improve body health.

According to its extraction methods and grades. Simply, there are 3 types of olive oil known as refined, virgin, and extra virgin.

The refined olive oil is refined by portion virgin olive oil with blend, depending on its process quality the smoke point can be around 199°C to 243°C. It is the common inexpensive one that most consumers use.

Virgin olive oil is the unrefined pure oil that using the most natural method cold-pressed to obtain, also it keeps the most complete nutrition of olive, the smoke point about 210°C.

Extra virgin olive oil is similar to virgin but uses the least cold-pressed and processed, in order to produce the most natural and highest grade of olive oil. The smoke point can be around 160°C to 207°C, depending on the quality.

Even though olive oil has a high smoke point, however, it’s not good for high-temperature cooking. Too higher heating will break the nutritions inside olive oil, so people love to use it on salads.

Olive oil

Oils are important for health

The human body can function without sugar or starch, but we are necessarily to intake nutrition such as oils.

It will cause health problems such as hair loss, skin loss, and aging if you are lack of intake oils. Therefore, you should eat food with rich oils, put good oils inside your cooking and diet.

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