Tips Help You Solve Constipation That Useful For Pregnant Too

Eat too much? How to resolve your constipation?

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People feel shame to see a doctor if they are constipation. This is a normal disease, around 12% of people suffer worldwide, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed, maybe someone near you also suffers constipation.

It is a pain, people can feel it, but most people can’t solve it. Constipation symptoms could be included low frequency of bowel movements, difficulty in defecation, forced defecation, pain even blood in the stool during defecation, feeling endless, bloating, and abdominal pain, etc.

Normally, you can’t defecate for more than three days, you are constipation confirms, that’s a common definition in the medicine profession. Understand why you are constipation is important, it can help you solve your pain.

About who suffer constipation when pregnant

There are up to 40% to 50% chance that causes constipation during pregnancy, and constipation in early pregnancy would more easily occur.

During pregnancy, the fetus will gradually become larger, then compresses the mother’s stomach, intestines, and so on. As a result, the mother’s bowel movement absolutely can be affected.

In addition, pregnant will secrete the hormone called progesterone, the main reason why constipation, feeling full easily, and nausea suddenly for pregnancy.

Constipation not only affects the fetus also the mother’s life quality. Fortunately, it can be improved by changing the lifestyle, and ask medicine from a doctor at the right time.

Three main reasons that constipation causes

Before telling the treatment, you should know some basic information about the causes of constipation.

1. The stool’s quality is bad

There are two types of constipation. The one called dry constipation, which mean your stool too dry and hard that cause the intestines can’t be pushed, you probably feel difficult to poop at all, that’s the tragedy.

Another one that your poop too sticky, you will feel the poop is going on without too much effort when defecating. However, 10 -15 minutes are gone, you still feel endless, and your bowels feel discomfort like something hold on, which is called wet constipation.

2. Weak intestinal motility

This is one of the reasons that leading stool to get dry. Normally, the food takes about 30 hours from the stomach to the rectum, that’s the whole process of digestion, absorption, and excretion inside our human body.

However, once our body’s intestinal motility isn’t good enough, which means the peristalsis process tardiness, it causes our body’s large intestine to over absorb the water inside the feces, what’s makes the process of intestinal motility more difficult.

3. No desire about defecation

You can eat lots of food, but never ever want to go toilet, no feeling about defecation at all? I can sure about that, your fart absolutely smells stinky.

No feeling about defecation means that your body can’t detect the signal that comes from the intestine. When feces finally reach the rectum, feces will stimulate the rectal wall to send signals to the brain nerves in order to urge you to defecate.

People who are working, study with friends, even playing a game with others, some of them probably would like to hold back if they are feeling want to poop. Once in a while is fine, however, as you repeat and repeat a long time, the signal about defecation won’t work again.

In short, there are still many reasons that can cause constipation, find out the root is the main point to solve your problem. We also share some tips below it can improve your constipation.

How to cure constipation that strengthen intestinal motility and improves stool quality?

1. Relax your mood

When a person is in a bad emotion such as stress, irritability, anger, and anxiety for a long time, health will come to bad. And the intestinal motility will go weak, which makes you difficult to feel the desire to defecate.

It can be said that nothing is more important than a great mood in your mind. Mental health could influence the whole body situation, keeping a relaxed mood always the best way to cure health at all.

Therefore, we must maintain a peaceful mentality in daily life, when bad emotions strike, just chill and find a suitable way to change our mood. Normally, you can’t poop, that’s not a physical problem but a mental problem.

Rest time to relaxing mental

2. Eat plenty of dietary fiber

There are two types of dietary fiber called soluble dietary and insoluble dietary. Soluble dietary can increase the stool quantity and stay longer in the upper digestive tract which can balance sugar and PH value.

Insoluble fiber when intake enough water will swell, it’s helpful to soften stool, reduce toxic substances in the body, promote digestive and motility. If you want an awesome toilet experience, eat both dietary fibers is indispensable.

For dry constipation patients, you can eat more insoluble fiber foods such as whole-wheat flour, wheat bran, nuts, beans, and vegetables. You should keep the high dietary fiber diet’s habit for at least 3 months, eat more food that helps with constipation, and less meat you can.

One thing that needs to pay attention, eat raw vegetables such as raw salad wouldn’t help remedy constipation even make your symptoms seriously.

Humans don’t have the cellulase that can digest raw vegetables, normally, our intestinal will produce enzymes that partially break down cellulose through fermentation. However, your intestinal are worst during constipation, there are lots of bad bacteria and insufficient enzymes which can’t help your intestinal digestive.

Therefore, you should eat vegetables after boiling, then be careful to avoid foods such as spicy, fried food, snack, coffee, cold drinking, and so on. To know more about what to eat for constipation, you should search and plan for yourself.

Vegans diet

3. Drink plenty of water

You should know how to drink water rather than drink casually. Don’t drink water only when you feel thirsty, you should increase the frequency to drink, but a small amount each time you drink.

That’s important, drink a cup of warm water in the morning when you wake up. If you are dry constipation, you can add some honey inside the water. Moreover, an adult needs 2500ml of water a day, including the water contained in food.

Drinking a glass of water

4. Massage your Intestinal

Always massage your belly, begin from the lower right corner of the navel, clockwise along to the whole belly and come back, press 100 laps before bed, it can improve your intestinal blood circulation and intestinal motility.

massage therapy

5. Do exercise

Want to poop after exercise, that’s normal. Your blood circulation increase and metabolism faster because of exercise, it also speeds up your bowel movement cause you to go to poop.

If your physical conditions allowed, you should maintain a certain amount of exercise on a daily basis, yoga is the best choice to relieve constipation.

Also, you can do workouts especially strengthen abdominal muscles, like sit-ups and flat support. However, too much exercise will hurt your body and made constipation serious, you should do enough but not over.

For pregnant women, simple yoga, movement such as walking and swimming is helpful. Start doing exercise in early pregnancy, and keep it a long time can help relieve constipation even solve it.

Running with friend

6. Prohibit do things if you defecation

Once you playing games, scroll on social media, or reading a book on the toilet, you can calculate how much time you are sitting on the toilet.

Do things during poop will increase the symptoms of constipation, and prolong the time sitting on the toilet. If you poop over 5 minutes each time, you probably get constipation.

If you do things such as play games, sitting on the toilet for over 15 minutes would be normal. Your rectum veins will easily become varicose veins, the haemorrhoids are coming to you. Therefore, you should put down the things you are doing and control the time to poop.

Playing mobile phone game

Pregnant use excessive force to defecate during constipation can hurt the fetus?

In fact, this kind of forceful action same as pregnant how to push out the baby. Normally, excessive force to defecate won’t harm the fetus, however, when the mother’s cervix becomes loose, soft, shortened, even opened, it may be dangerous to the fetus.

It is possible to squeeze the fetus out while pregnant’s abdominal cavity pressure increasing. Therefore, relieve the discomfort of constipation and reduce the pregnant’s abdominal cavity pressure is necessary, it can be improved with stool softeners and lubricants.

How to reinvent the feeling of defecation?

You should train yourself to build a new system If you don’t have any sense of defecation. We have mentioned above, as feces reach the rectum, a signal will send to the brain, then you get the feeling of defecation.

If you can’t feel that anymore, that means your transmission system gets a problem. There are two spot times that you will feel the strongest want to defecate, one is you get up in the morning and one is after meals you ate.

You can choose one that the time you feel convenient, then build the defecation feeling, it is recommended poop in the morning.

You can drink a cup of warm water when waking up, and do some simple exercise to relax your mind, then go to the toilet for about 5 minutes to cultivate your poop feeling. You can leave if you can’t defecate within 5 minutes, don’t focus on your cell phone or newspaper during toilet time. Just do it every day, after a month, a new transmission system is established.

Toilet signs or bathroom signs

Backup emergency

If the previous daily efforts don’t see any result in a short period, in addition, you already have 3 days or more that no defecate, and your stomach feels too uncomfortable. You may need a quick and effective method to solve urgently needed, you can try the following methods.

1. Sesame oil

You can try to intake a spoon of sesame oil, which can relieve constipation fairly quickly. If there is no sesame oil near you, you also can use corn oil, linseed oil, and olive oil. They all have an effect that lubricates the bowel, which’s suitable for use as an emergency method for constipation.

Olive oil

2. Honey

Honey also has a good effect to lubricates the bowel, especially for dry constipation. You can use a spoon of honey mixed with a cup of warm water to get a laxative effect immediately. If add a spoonful of sesame oil then drink it, the effect will be great.

Sweet honey

3. Use Drugs

Adults need to defecate twice a week. If the previous method does not work, you can also use drugs temporarily. For those who want to relieve discomfort during pregnancy, then receive medication, such as taking chalybeate to relieve anemia, antiabortifacient, antiemetic, and so on, these drugs can also aggravate constipation.

Therefore, who want to take medicine if your time allowed, go to see a doctor get some expert suggestion, constipation isn’t that hard to cure if you use the right way., 

Toilet paper or bathroom tissue
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