Top 23 Useful Tips And Tricks Can Help Your Daily

Tips And Tricks Can Help Your Daily
  1. Freshly boiled eggs, soaked in cold water for a while, it is easy to peel.

  2. The scissors are not sharp anymore, try to use it cut on the aluminium foil, your scissors will immediately sharpen.

  3. If your electric kettle had limescale, add white vinegar to soak the limescale inside the electric kettle. A few moments later, add water and boil it. Then scrub it, it will look like new.

  4. When shampooing, put a few drops vinegar or a little salt in water can effectively prevent hair loss and strengthen hair roots.

  5. After being bitten by mosquitoes, apply toothpaste to relieve itch.

  6. You can take a soaked paper towel, wrap it outside the room temperature beverage bottle, put it in the freezer about 10 minutes, the beverage will reach cold.

  7. Frozen the candles in the refrigerator for twenty-four hours, inserted it into the birthday cake, and the candle oil will not flow down.

  8. When you chopping onions, tears always flow. Put a bowl of water next to the cutting board can prevent tears. The substances secreted by onions are soluble in water.

  1. You only need to insert a straw into the interface of the key ring, then pass the key through the straw, you can easily key stuff on the key ring.

  2. There are many ways to deodorize the refrigerator. You can slice the lemon pieces on each layer of the refrigerator. Or wrap some tea leaves with paper towels and put them in the refrigerator to deodorize.

  3. The lid of the pot is used for a long time. It’s accumulated oil in the gaps between the edges make it difficult to clean. You can add water and detergent to the pot, cover the pot, boil about 5 minutes, and then rinse the lid with warm water.

  4. Prepare a towel, moisten it with 200 ml of white vinegar, then put the towel into the washing machine to start the drying mode. After stand about 1 hour, add 50 grams of baking soda powder, start the washing mode, the water level is the highest, then pause after a few minutes of operation, soak about 2 hours. This can clean the washing machine and sterilize it.

  5. Every time you buy new shoes, the shoes is grind your feet, it’s painful. You just need to apply a layer of soap to your shoes where are hurt you.

  6. You can put the paper towel in the fresh-keeping bag, then wrap the vegetables and fruits in the paper towel. Paper towel can absorb excess water and extend the shelf life of vegetables and fruits for at least 5 days.

  7. When you travel with your own shampoo, you can cover the bottle cap with a layer of plastic wrap, then screw on the lid to prevent leakage.

  8. White shoes are easily get black stains. You can remove them with a cotton pad dipped in some nail polish remover.

  1. Put a cup of hot water next to the computer, it can increase the surrounding humidity, thereby reduce eye discomfort and dryness.

  2. After eating spicy food, if you feel too spicy, put some salt in your mouth, hold it a moment, spit it out, rinse your mouth, then it won’t be spicy.

  3. Soak the newly purchased jeans in concentrated brine for 12 hours, then wash the jeans with clean water, they won’t fade if  you are washed later.

  4. Using computer, there will be a lot of electromagnetic radiation particles on your face. Wash your face in time, which will reduce the radiation exposure by more than 70%. Placing cacti in front of a computer desk can help reduce radiation.

  5. Try to use different brands of toothpaste to prevent bacteria in the oral cavity from becoming resistant to certain medicinal ingredients and affecting the effect of toothpaste.

  6. After drinking milk or yoghurt, don’t throw away the bag immediately. Spread the remaining milk in the bottle or bag to your hand, and wash your hands with warm water after 15 minutes, you will find that your hands are smooth. Don’t throw out expired milk, it is better than fresh milk for washing hands or face.

  7. If the shower head is used for a long time, impurities will block the head. Put the shower nozzle in a transparent plastic bag, pour the white vinegar just cover the nozzle. After soaking for 1 hour, brush the surface of the nozzle to clean it completely.

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