Top 5 Nutrients That Can Help Wound Healing Faster

How to cure your wound faster

Life will inevitably be injured, some small wounds don’t need special care, however, some wounds especially come from surgery, it is necessary to pay more attention to take care of the wound.

Normally the wound will redness and pain, in addition, it’s afraid suffered the infection or scar. So the good therapy, which is also important.

Moreover, if your diet is unbalanced, and nutrients intake is inadequate, that will affect the healing ability at all. Therefore, we want to share five nutrients that can help your wound heal better.

1. Protein

The protein can help your body build new tissues and repair the old tissues.

On the other hand, it also regulates physiological function. If the protein intake is insufficient, it will reduce healing ability and resistance, causing complications.

Foods intake: milk, dairy, eggs, fish, chicken, lean meat, tofu, etc.

protein rich food

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A promotes the production of fibroblasts, which can promote wound healing faster. The lack of vitamin A will hinder the healing of wounds.

It plays an important role in cell differentiation, epithelial fibroblast proliferation, collagen participation. Also, it has antioxidant effects and whitening effects.

Foods intake: liver, carrot, pumpkin, tomato, papaya, milk, sweet potato leaves, dark green vegetables and etc

Diversity vegetables

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C can promote wound healing, inhibits melanin generation, whitening, anti-oxidation, and fade spots.

It plays an important role in the process of collagen synthesis. During wound healing, it can help the repair cells easily go inside the wound, increasing the speed of heal. Also, the scars won’t that easily generate, better to protect your skin’s beauty.

Lack of vitamin C intake, the collagen harder to produce, even no way to synthesize. Scars, melanin, and dark spots all waiting for you, that would be all women’s nightmare.

Foods intake: Guava, kiwi, citrus, lemon, green pepper, cauliflower, etc.

Diversity fruits

4. Zinc

Zinc helps to promote the healing of wounds and enhance body immunity.

It is participating in human fat, protein, ribonucleic acid synthesis and metabolism, which is conducive to split growth of epidermal cells, accelerating the formation of wound new granulation, also preventing infection.

Foods intake: nuts, beans, crabs, liver, lean meat, egg yolk, wood ear, etc.

Foods that rich in zinc

5. Potassium

Potassium can supplement the tissue liquid loss due to the wound.

It contributes to the normal operation of human cells and tissues, also can regulate blood pressure.

Foods intake: milk, amaranth, sweet potatoes, enokitake, tomatoes, bananas, etc.

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