Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Write a Guest Post

Top 5 Question to ask before you write a guest post

Whatever types of website holder you are, if you want to make your website famous, search engine optimization (SEO) has to be the required course on your successful process.

How your SEO, how your website will be. People all effort to do their best when working on SEO, especially backlinks.

What’s a backlink in SEO?

A backlink define is an external website that provides a link directly to a page on your website. For example, you write a tweet with the link inside your content on your Twitter, I will get a backlink instead. That’s the simple backlink define.

However, most of popular website such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on, they aren’t provide do-follow backlink anymore. A do-follow backlink is the main point why people effort for building lots of links, it can give the high value to increase you site ranking on search engine.

What's backlink?

When people talking about how to get backlinks to your site, write guest post on blogs would be the best choice for you. Write a guest post would be the one important SEO thing you need to achieve. But, is it worth writing lots of guest posts instead to improve your website content?

Writing needs time to process, no matter what you write. Most of the bloggers only accept over 800-1000 words guest posts who submit, how many articles around 800 words you can write a day?

Write numerous guest posts are painful, and you still need to maintain the website you hold, time wouldn’t be enough. If you have a budget to hire an assistant and freelancer to help you write articles and manage a website, you can ignore skip this article, because you are the boss.

According to what we talk about, if you don’t have a budget and do all thing yourself, you should better ask some questions below if you want to write a guest post.

1. How many traffics the website count monthly?

Write for a website that has 1,000 traffics per day or 10,000 traffics per day, I think everyone knows how to choose. Traffic is an important reference for you to consider should or shouldn’t write an article for them.

Write a guest post for the high traffics website better than you write 10-20 guest posts for the website without enough traffics. Traffics mean your guest post gets more attention, you will get more traffics back to your site through the backlink.

Website Traffics

2. How about the domain authority (DA) score of the website?

How much value a guest post for SEO could get back to your site, it’s depending on how quality website you choose to write. Domain authority score over 40 (high DA) means the website can provide a high-quality backlink to your site, this is the most important factor that people consider to write a guest post.

One high DA backlink value better than five more low DA backlinks, it will give super worth to your website. Therefore, you should keep patient, spend time finding high DA websites, instead to write lots of guest posts around 800 words to the low DA websites, it will burn your brain.

The right way to get more organic traffic, you better use the time to increase the content quality of your website, that’s the reason why you doing backlinks.

For getting a low DA backlink, there are many ways better than you waste too long time to write a guest post. I am writing an always every way about SEO will tell you how easy to get a backlink, it will post soon.

What's domain authority (DA)?

3. How often the website post a new article?

If the website last updated a month ago, that means the owner isn’t that much care about the website operation. You don’t know the website whether post your article on the next update.

The probability is too small that the website will post your article, furthermore, there are lots of competitors who send a guest post to the website.

4. How frequent the website post guest post?

A high DA website will receive 20+ guest post requirements per day, especially the “write for us” website. these websites have created a “write for us” page to collect the guest post information.

These websites will list some rules that you need to follow if you want your article can submit success. They will check the article quality rigidly because they collect lots of articles per day, you probably will use outstanding time writing an article according to it.

Before you write, you should check how frequently they published a new guest post. If they always do a guest post, it may worth you to send one to them.

5. Does the website accepted articles already posted on your site?

Most websites only accepted original articles, they don’t allow you to submit the guest post already on your website. But, some website allows you to do that, it can save tons of your time.

In conclusion, write a guest post could be important to the SEO, but not that all, it’s one of the ways to promote your site. Someone can build their sites without writing any guest post, also get lots of traffics, I just want to tell you that your website quality is the core, know how to write a guest post, save the time to do better thing will worth you.

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