Chinese Web Novel: The New Trending Pastime Entertainment

Do you love to read novels?

People who read novels, probably have a bad time like you can’t find a novel you want to read. Recently, the Chinese web novel is popular around the world, it probably can satisfy you and break your boring life.

Why do people love novels?

Because people can experience what they can’t get in real life such as magic, ghost, and romantic. Creative stories make them pleasure even hit their soul.

Most novel readers love fantasy and Sci-Fi stories such as Lord of the ring, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones. They are the epic almost everyone knows.

However, good novels aren’t easy to create, all authors and writers in the US and Europe estimated less than 100 thousand.

Why is Chinese web novel successful?

Compare to the current popular novels, Chinese web novels are extremely advanced and even more imaginative. There are so many ideas you haven’t seen before.

China has its own literature world that is out of the ordinary. According to the history and culture difference, it has the special style novels others are unable to copy such as Oriental Fantasy and Cultivation.

After decades of development, Chinese web novels are definitely the world’s masterpiece because of their awesome and diversity of themes that almost cover all you can think.

On the other hand, online literature such as web novels inside China has over 500 million readers. In order to satisfy the reader, produce enough and interesting content, there are over 15 million authors in China.

You may think 15 million authors just kidding, however, it’s quite simple to write a web novel in China. You only need to know how to typewrite and upload your work to the web novel platform, then your novel is published.

Therefore, a primary student also can be an author in China, that’s why a huge number of the author in China.

Because of the large number of creations, the outstanding novel will be born more frequently, there are existing many great Chinese web novels you may like.

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Chinese web novel is hard to understand?

For the newbie readers, they may take time to adapt the concept, proper nouns, and terms that come from different web novels.

Especially in Cultivation novels, there are many proper nouns and terms that should know before reading. These words are translate, create, and revision by the earlier web novels contributors and translators.

The earlier contributors and translators have a huge meaning for Chinese web novels to go global. Web novels won’t popular if without their effort.

Chinese web novels platform

Wuxiaworld is the first Chinese web novels translation platform, there are many personal translators who contribute their works to give readers a chance can read the web novels.

It can be said that Wuxiaworld is a milestone for Chinese web novels to go global. It gives people the first touch to the unknown world about Chinese world novels.

You should try to read web novels if you haven't

However, as the Wuxiaworld grow popular, the official Chinese web novels publisher see the benefit of its, it creates the official English platform Webnovel to earn global money.

You can read Chinese web novels for both of them, sometimes need to pay. Also, you can search some free websites by the way.

The Chinese official webnovels site

The bottom line

Entertainment is one of the happiest moments for people, they can rest and relax their minds when entertainment. However, people can’t participate a part of the entertainment during the COVID-19 period.

Human activity also becomes lesser, stay home become normally. It’s hard to do some outgoing activity such as travel. Moreover, gathering with friends also becomes difficult.

Not all people like to stay home for a long time, people become easy to suffer mental illness in this environment.

Therefore, find a good pastime is essential for mental health. No matter you play games, reading,  watch movies, and so on, Keep a good attitude can help your life going better.

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