Which Web Hosting Is Best For WordPress 2020

Which hosting suitable for you?

WordPress (always refer to  is the most popular CMS-based(Content Management System) website builder, there are over 30% worldwide websites built by WordPress.

Why you use WordPress? 

Because there are over 400 million people visit WordPress sites and view about 21 billion WordPress pages each month. Moreover, there are over 300,000 of the top 1 million websites are WordPress-based.

It could meet most of the people’s requirements, such as highly customized, great flexibility, friendly SEO, and designed for anyone. Furthermore, there are over 50,000 plugins to choose from within WordPress, it provides you the unlimited possibilities to DIY your website. If you are a newbie, you can read WordPress Plugins Recommendation to help you build up your website fast and easy.

In order to use WordPress, you need a great web hosting server to double or more launch your website performance. Therefore, you should be careful to choose the comfortable web hosting to use.

Below is my recommendation web hosting, all according to my using experiences.

Best web hosting I had used

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting providers in 2020, with a starting price $0.99/month.

For the first time I heard Hostinger, I haven’t that much expected about their services, just try because of the cheap price amount. 

Well, Hostinger gives me a bigger surprise, everything fine and working perfectly, that’s quite satisfactory. When I need help, 24/7 customer services are working fine, nice problem solve.

On the other hand, Hostinger loading SPEED for 2 years and now, compared to others is the FASTEST hosting provider.

For my review, their $0.99/month plan very suitable for newbie who just want to try the web hosting. For starters who really want to build their website, I prefer to recommend the $2.89/month plan, because it includes a free domain name (price $0.99 to $15.99+ for each), and backups function (very important when your website faced serious problem). If you haven’t your own domain name, normally you need to buy one, so the plus plan is better.

Rent cheap hosting by Hostinger

2. Bluehost

The one of web hosting recommended by WordPress, with price starting on $2.95/month. A stable and good reputation web hosting company.

The best feature of Bluehost is that they offer $200 worth advertising credits for users. However, it’s the United States & Canada only. If you live out of these regional, I don’t recommend you use Bluehost.

The services of Bluehost are fine, the 24/7 customer services need to queue for around one hour, the Cpanel load slowly sometimes. Bluehost only provide 30 days free email.

The basic price of Bluehost is cheap and value, however, you should check the renew price of the plan, the price like 2-3 times more than the basic price, be careful.

Rent hosting through Bluehost

3. Siteground

The one of web hosting recommended by WordPress, with price starting on $6.99/month. The best support team and high-quality web hosting company.

The expensive basic plan caused people to choose other web hosting companies rather than Siteground. All their plans no free domain name included, but the price still that high, why?

Siteground has provided their special WordPress plugin SG Optimizer to help people speed up and optimize their website. Moreover, Siteground is the one of safest web hosting, for example, their free email system provided SpamExperts, and the SG site scanner keeps weekly security reports to let you know you are safe, their basic plan almost equal others web hosting’s premium plan.

On the other hand, Siteground has its own platform system, the Cpanel is past tense. The new platform system more simple and load faster than Cpanel, you can manage your site more comfortably.

For my reviews, I recommended you to use Siteground if you have enough budget, the disadvantage I though about Siteground is Web Space too small, the price and renew price a little bit expensive.

Rent hosting through Siteground

4. Dreamhost

The one of web hosting recommended by WordPress, with price starting on $2.59/month. The innovation and reliable web hosting.

Dreamhost provided a 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee to the user, you can feel free to try them if you want. Dreamhost also eliminated Cpanel build their own platform system, the control becomes more simple and fast.

Moreover, Dreamhost provided WP Website Builder inside WordPress for free, you can zero coding to DIY your website more easily. The cheap price with free domain, and many powerful features, you can consider to use it.

Dreamhost is better than Bluehost compared their price very similarly if you are outside the United States and Canada. However, both of them don’t have free email (Dreamhost basic plan not included free email).

Rent hosting through Dreamhost

Bad web hosting I had used

1. GoDaddy

There are reviews about the basic plan only. Godaddy has massive problems with malware and speed, the user experience very bad not only me, even I saw many bad reviews on the internet. Moreover, GoDaddy confirms a data breach this year, this makes me feel worried about my data breach too. The worst customer service, no support whatever but like a sales want to convince you to buy a new plan. The confusing Money-back guarantee is the nightmare, most of the people said that the customer service will prolong your money-back requirement caused your requirement over 30-Day then no money-back as well.
Bad hosting service platform

2. HostGator

There are reviews about the basic plan only. HostGator waste my time and money, the basic plan is very bad for me to use, the nightmare experience. Their basic plan Cpanel platform without so many functions I can manage, and the loading speed too slow, therefore, I try to find their customer service team to help me, then I find the platform no function about calling support team, even I call the phone it’s hanging out whatever. Finally, I required money-back, there are email sent back to me, OK, it’s work. However, several months later, I check the credit card that none of the money back to me as well, that’ so sad to me.
The worse hosting company you should avoid
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